Does the amount of wine drink little not affect?Does drinking more water dilute alcohol levels?Traffic patrol police “refute rumors” : deceiving people

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Recently, yuzhong district public security bureau traffic patrol detachment ChaoTianMen brigade in the night drunk driving seizing, seized a man suspected of driving a motor vehicle after drinking, when the police come forward to scrutiny, man pleaded to make a phone call, has been stalling for time, is not willing to accept, but the alcohol smell of men had “betrayed” him.At about 23:25 that day, a white car pulled over not far from the card point, and then a man got out of the cab and walked away.This series of suspicious behavior were all the police, then came forward to inquire about the situation.Seeing the police approaching, the man repeatedly argued that he had only got out of the car to make a phone call.So, the police will wait in the side, during the police can smell the strong smell of alcohol on the man.To see the police reluctant to leave, the man under the tension, confessed to his drunk driving behavior.Later, the police on his breath alcohol test, the result was 36mg/100ml, has been suspected of drinking after driving a motor vehicle.According to the law, the police imposed a driving license wang 12 points, temporary seizure of driving license for 6 months, a fine of 2000 yuan.Yuzhong traffic police said, the only way to avoid being investigated is only one, that is to do “drive not drink, drink not drive”.The majority of drivers do not take any chances because of drunk driving, the following so-called escape was found to be drunk driving “method”, in fact, all false: alcohol, drink a little will not affect.Some drivers have lucky psychology, feel that their alcohol is good, drink less or drink a rest for a while and then drive on the road, will not be detected drunk driving.But there is no correlation between how much alcohol you drink and your blood alcohol concentration.Under the law, driving with 20 to 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood is drunk, and driving with more than 80 milligrams is considered drunk.Moving a car while drunk is not drunk driving.The car starts and shifts, and the driver is in the driving behavior.Even if the vehicle speed is slow after drinking, its control ability and reaction ability have been affected by alcohol, which will be reduced to varying degrees. It is easy to cause dangerous accidents, posing a threat to the safety of drivers and surrounding people.Table wine and overnight wine do not belong to drunk driving.After drinking too much at noon, many people take a rest in the afternoon and choose to drive at night.Or drinking at night and driving in the morning.These “meal wine” “overnight wine” may not be metabolized, the blood still contains alcohol components, or may constitute drunk driving or drunk driving, this is usually said “meal drunk driving” or “overnight drunk driving”.Drinking lots of water will dilute the alcohol content.Some drivers will drink water to dilute the taste of alcohol in their mouths when they see traffic patrol officers.In fact, the breathalyzer used by the traffic patrol detects air coming from the lungs, not just the mouth.The air in the lungs cannot be diluted by drinking a few drools of water, and alcohol in the body is a gradual process of metabolism, lasting more than 10 hours, so drinking water cannot dilute the alcohol content quickly.Chongqing rule of law newspaper reporter Li Ya statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: