With perseverance to light up the starry sky, he won the honorary title of “Good man in Shaanxi”!

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On February 15, 2022 in December 2021, 11 – list of shaanxi good release China aerospace science and technology group, five yuan xian branch, deputy chief designer of beidou no. 3 satellite zhang won the honorary title of “professional dedication” good man 20 years navigation path Only the sky below the big dipper, zhang and small air days up to know his story, male, born in September 1968,Deputy chief designer of Beidou-3 satellite of Xi ‘an Branch of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.Zhang Lixin has been committed to the development of Beidou satellites. He participated in and witnessed the whole process of The development of China’s Beidou Navigation satellite system, from the EXPERIMENTAL Beidou 1 navigation satellite system to the Beidou 3 Global Navigation satellite System, and effectively promoted the three strides of the Beidou navigation satellite system.He is the main pioneer and founder of China’s Beidou application industry. He is responsible for the development and industrialization promotion of beidou NO. 1 satellite series user computers.As the chief designer of the BDS-2 satellite navigation sub-system, he was responsible for tackling key technologies of the sub-system and the development and engineering construction of the sub-system, making important contributions to the construction of China’s BDS-2 regional system.He’s the third of beidou satellite, deputy chief designer of experts and payload and autonomous operation project responsibility, responsible for 23 satellite payload, conquer all 30 key technology, implements the component 100% localization and controlled independently, make the group of group of research, transmission and networking achieved ahead of schedule, dense load performance reached the international advanced level, realize the GPS as above.Let’s pay tribute to him and learn from him together