The modified model will be launched in the same month. How to choose Odyssey and Alesson?

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The MPV market in 2021 has never been so focused with the launch of three new domestic MPVS, Sena, Kava and Kusteu.Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda, which introduced MPV models earlier, offered two “hengcai” at the end of last year for the FEAST of MPV.The competition between the gaC Honda Odyssey and the Dongfeng Honda Alesson is fierce, perhaps, just three days apart from each other.The mid-range versions of the two cars hit the market on Dec. 27 and 30, respectively.Likewise, there is not much of a difference in sales between the two cars, which sold 52,000 and 45,000 units respectively in the past year.They are also the best-selling joint venture MPV models besides Buick GL8.The mid-term change, both in the modelling design, vehicle system and interior details have made a significant optimization, and the powertrain, wheelbase and other core parts are no change compared to the old model.The sister Odyssey and Alesson are themselves consistent in these areas.Both are powered by a 2.0-l sharp-mix powertrain, with the engine portion producing up to 146 HP, compared with a 135kW front-mounted motor.The wheelbase remains at 2900mm, but there is a difference in length and width.It’s bigger, it’s more businesslike and it’s much younger than The Odyssey.The Allison, however, is not a Chinese specialty, but a global vehicle that Honda is building to tap into the higher-end MPV market.So even though the Ericsson and Odyssey are sister cars in China and have a high degree of price overlap, this higher-end image is carried over to the domestic version.This point is not hard to see from the appearance.It is 90mm longer and 22mm wider than the Odyssey.The height of the car is almost the same, even though the Alesson has a higher visual height.The difference in visual height between Elisson and Odyssey is mainly caused by modelling design.Allison focuses on the vertical extension of the intake grille.The upper edge of the side air curtain is the same height as the lower edge of the central net, while the lower air inlet is a very narrow part.This model is indeed closer to the Toyota Elfa and Trumpchi M8 MPVS, which tend to be business style.In particular, the addition of the vertical design of chrome decoration, further straightening the attitude of the front.The Odyssey uses a chromium-plated horizontal grille to widen the visual width of the front, even though the Odyssey is smaller in size.In fact, the Odyssey and Eric in modelling differences also is the historical background, from the beginning of the birth in the continuation of their respective design style, and follow the trend of The Times gradually to now, in fact, today’s Odyssey and Eric gentlemen are similar in appearance model is much higher than ever before.Odyssey starts at a lower price, allison starts at a lower entry level and likewise, allison uses a higher starting price to support the prestige of a higher position.After the mid-term change, Odyssey’s guiding price is 235,800 to 354,800 yuan;Alesson costs 279,800 to 331,800 yuan.Odyssey’s starting price appears to be significantly different from that of Ericsson, but the former offers an entry-level car with minimal specs to lower the barrier to entry.And the introduction of ultra-low models is also Honda accord accord adopted on the means.The most basic Odyssey doesn’t even have a rear parking radar, reversing image, or electric side sliding doors on either side, and a meager two speakers…And the guiding price of 275,800 yuan of the entry model is relatively close to the entry model of Allisson’s guiding price.In terms of configuration, the more expensive Ericsson has a headside air curtain, panoramic sunroof, two electric side sliding doors, keyless entry, in-car atmosphere lights and rear privacy glass, but it lacks full-speed adaptive cruise, electric trunk, front row wireless charging and the latest vehicle-engine system.Alesson’s configuration clearly favours rear passengers.Alesson does not have welfare models, and the top model is cheaper. However, the fatter configuration in the back is not the advantage of all alesson models.To pricing the closest Odyssey yao enjoy edition (299800) the guided and Eric gentlemen’s comfort edition (298800) the guided, for example, the former 1000 yuan price difference in return for the former parking radar, the co-pilot seat electric adjustment, the front seat heating function, the second row seat leg conditioning, the whole car window outside a key lifting and rearview mirror electric folding,The only things left behind are the interior atmosphere light and remote start function.Thus it can be seen that in 200 thousand yuan of this price, Odyssey cost performance is significantly higher, and yao enjoy the version of the model is Odyssey all the more popular one at present.If customers are willing to pay an extra 3,000 yuan, they can switch back to a luxury version of alesson.The car has electric rear seat adjustment, shoulder adjustment and heating, and a small table for the rear.In addition to the entry model, the price difference is obvious and the top model.In fact, the Odyssey’s two most expensive models are the Well-being model, which moves the second row of seats outside the car to help crippled passengers get on and off, a complex seating mechanism that adds to the Odyssey’s price tag.Except for the Welfare model, the top price difference between Odyssey and Alesson is only 3,000 yuan. The main configuration difference lies in the fact that Alesson is equipped with keyless entry, driver’s seat memory, and four rear charging ports (Odyssey has two).But the pricier Alesson still offers only a manual seat for the passenger seat, which is a bit shabby.Written in the final well-being version of the model offering is undoubtedly the Odyssey’s most striking feature.In other configurations, 299,800 yao Enjoy version is the most cost-effective car compared with The Alesson, this car also better take into account the dual attributes of home and commercial.Alesson has also made a misalignment of the configuration, which makes the luxury model more attractive to consumers with higher requirements in the back row.