New Year to go to the grassroots | illegal fishing boats, there is no place to hide

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On the afternoon of January 30, gaoyou City Lingtang township gaobao Lake fishing supervision detachment of the three brigade wharf, two fishing law enforcement speedboats ready to go.”Come and see the lake with us.”Provincial Gaobao Lake fishing management office director Xie Weijun greeted reporters to put on life jackets, boarded the speedboat, these two days he will eat and live in the lake as a leader.With its motor roaring, the speedboat sliced through the calm lake toward a law enforcement boat that served as a watch base several kilometers away.”In the past two years, all the fishermen in the lake area have come ashore, and there is no large-scale fishing.Fishing tube do three brigade captain Sun Jiafu told reporters that the lake fish, the market is hard to find wild fish, so the price soared all the way, many people are ready to move, a few days ago, the brigade just caught together illegal fishing.”The catch on site weighs more than 2,000 jin, and each small net is more than 100 jin.””Sun said.About 10 minutes after the boat went deep into the lake, the lake was completely white.”Our daily route around the lake is mainly around the border between Jiangsu and Anhui, the beautiful white shrimp Reserve of corbicula, the green shrimp Reserve and the Coilia Nasus Reserve of Big Whitebait Lake.”Sun Jiafu pointed to the electronic screen in front of the speedboat a circle of track told reporters.”We will build an electronic fence based on radar, video remote monitoring and drones to cover gaoyou Lake, three areas and one border,” he said.Fishery management YuZhengChu director Shen Gang tells a reporter, law enforcement personnel real-time monitoring lake area in the center of the command, as long as there is the ship touch “electronic fence” or trajectory of suspected illegal fishing, “electronic fence” will promptly report to the police and push the related information to law enforcement personnel of handsets, law enforcement personnel to relevant ship navigation and positioning, achieve accurate law enforcement.With improved prevention and control technologies, illegal fishing cases have been effectively curtailed, with the number of cases decreasing by 78 percent from 362 in 2020 to 79 in 2021.Now, a drone is moving slowly toward the center of the lake.”Drones can not only monitor the lake in real time, but also act as a deterrent.A lot of illegal fishing boats see it and automatically evacuate without us.”Shen Gang said.The “Sky Lake” law enforcement model built by Gaobao Shaobo Lake district based on the “electronic fence” system has realized an all-weather and three-dimensional prevention and control system with “drones in the sky, law enforcement boats on the water, patrol cars on the lake embankment and monitoring on the shore”, which has greatly improved the law enforcement efficiency and made most illegal fishing activities invisible.”With more fish, we have to guard them better.”Especially during the Spring Festival holiday, some people think the regulation will be relaxed and try to sneak in a loophole. We cannot let them.”At 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the round of patrol ended. On the law enforcement ship, the fishermen were busy cleaning the deck and pasting the big fu character on the bow.Reporter Li Yuan intern Zhang Wei