HBO’s “Take-out” documentary focuses on Asian contributions through food

2022-05-13 0 By

China News network on January 25In the eyes of many Americans, Asians are a generic group.But the roughly 20 million Asians in the United States are of different ancestry from more than 20 countries.In HBO Max’s “Take Out with Lisa Ling,” which will be released on Thursday, Lisa Ling, a well-known Chinese television journalist, will uncover the forgotten history of Asians and focus on their contributions to American society through Asian food.”For the first 17 years of my life, I was ashamed of my race — I didn’t want to be different, so the bento I brought to school was western food,” Ling shared on social media, according to Forbes News.But now I have noodles, soy-sauce omelette, seaweed rolls and French/Chinese biscuits for lunch for my daughters.”In this six-part documentary series, Ling travels across the country to explore the rich diversity of Asian culinary traditions, and to depict the trials and triumphs of the Asian community through the most direct witnesses of cultural intersections: restaurants and operators.In the documentary, Ling will travel to New Orleans and Louisiana to explore the deep roots of Filipino culture and cuisine, meet With Chinese families who have contributed so much to California agriculture, and trace her Chinese heritage through the Hop SingEat Shoppe, a restaurant run by her grandfather.In New York, home to the largest Bengali community in the COUNTRY, Ling will interview restaurateurs, artists and chefs to find out why their dishes are often disguised as Indian.She will also visit her husband Paul Song’s hometown in Fairfax County, Va., home to the nation’s third-largest Korean population.”While my own family built its roots in The United States by running Chinese restaurants, I never imagined that I would one day be working with an almost all-Asian camera crew on a show that highlights Asian food and Asian history.”Ling zhihui said.Through the documentary, Ling helped Asian restaurateurs retell their stories.”It’s time to let people know about the Asian community, who have contributed so much to the development of the United States but have been largely ignored by American history,” Ling wrote.(after)