Drop in temperature, rain and snow, the weather will be reversed

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These days, warm wind, warm sunlight, especially spring feel today’s warm pattern will continue, the highest temperature will reach 10℃!However, heze weather “face” of the fast must be well known tomorrow to start to health!Wen!!According to latest news heze micro weather today atmospheric diffusion conditions poor poor visibility to 10 ℃ and 3 ℃ heze weather “inverted” 16 there used to be a weak cold air influence continuously cloudy to overcast weather has no apparent precipitation but continue to slow down the highest temperatures can fall to 3 degrees 16 to 18 XiaoYuXue process in detail once the weather forecast today during the day to night, cloudy to overcast,The highest temperature is 9℃, the lowest temperature is -1℃, the southwest wind level 2 ~ 3 to north wind level 3 ~ 4.14 day to night, cloudy to overcast, the highest temperature 6℃, the lowest temperature -2℃, the northeast wind 3 ~ 4 to 2 ~ 3.15 day to night, overcast to sleet, the highest temperature 3℃, the lowest temperature 0℃, southeast wind to northeast wind level 2 ~ 3.A new round of large-scale rain and snow weather is expected to affect China’s central and eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, northeast China and other places will still have light snow, local snow, according to the National Meteorological Center.17 to 18, China’s central and eastern regions from west to east will also have a wide range of rain and snow weather process.Down ↓↓↓ Motor vehicle snow brake to “early” to “soft” in winter in the case of sudden temperature drop, sometimes a layer of frost or thin ice on the brake disc, serious will cause brake caliper closed failure.Accordingly, cold weather drives, must check brake system, after start vehicle should tread lightly brake of a few feet, examine brake is normal, lest appear when the problem catch oneself by surprise.For snow driving trick, is mainly a “early” word and a “soft” word, even in the absence of snow and ice on the road, the effect of winter braking is different from other seasons, because the winter tires and road are “hard”, so winter driving braking should be early light step.Beware of icy roadsDark places, Bridges, elevated roads and small intersections are all prone to ice. Take extra care when driving through these places.In case of trouble, slow down as much as possible and remain calm.It is particularly important to remind that although the traffic has melted the snow and ice on the main road, you must slow down before you exit the main road, because many exits or intersections with branches are prone to ice.Pay attention to the distance between the car and the car rain and snow weather, often accompanied by some fog, light rain, this time to pay attention to the size between the car, so as not to follow too closely and rear-end.When the fog is too heavy, slow down and turn on the yellow warning light so that the car behind you can see it clearly.Non-motor vehicles on snow and ice road up and down ramps, sharp turning sections should be dismounted to promote.Do not fight for the road, electric vehicles, bicycles do not enter the motor vehicle lane.When driving, reduce the speed, keep the distance between cars, pay attention to the road condition, do not overtake.In case of need to brake, try to use the rear brake, otherwise prone to side fall.When braking, try to keep the body perpendicular to the road surface, and try not to brake when passing through the section of serious ice. The motorcycle had better use the accelerator to control the speed.Take advantage of the cooling + rain and snow before we take the time to wash and bask in the sun also remind friends must pay attention to warm travel attention to safety!Source: Heze Daily (editor Zuo Haiyan reviewed by Li Yanju)