Daily Progress 516- How to get out of the emotional state trough quickly

2022-05-13 0 By

Saturday, February 19, 2022, sunny didn’t happen without a record.The more people you serve, the greater the efficiency, the greater the benefits.Today’s topic is: How to get out of the low emotional state?In the community group meeting this morning, we discussed a topic, that is, people’s emotional state has ups and downs, and some partners practice self-discipline. During this period, it is the Spring Festival. Many people also have a kind of holiday syndrome.In fact, this is normal, a person wants to continue to improve and change growth, on the one hand depends on self-discipline, on the other hand depends on the influence of heteronomy environment.People’s emotional states have ups and downs, like mountains and valleys, ups and downs, like an electrocardiogram, up and down.You can’t say it’s a horizontal line, or an up line, or a down line.Like the stock market, the stock price curve fluctuates.So, if you’re feeling down and not at your best, it’s normal.Accept yourself and it will pass soon.You need to be self-motivated, you need to talk to your team members, you need to be influenced by discipline and the environment.When you are in a bad mood, you can do some sports, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie…Another way is to go to other people, your friends or your family, and talk to them.I’m sure you’ll get an easy solution soon.Well, today share here, welcome to exchange and share.If you encounter some confusion, you can also contact me, I hope I can help you, to answer your questions.516 Days in 10 years, write 10 billion!Write your brand legend!Enterprises need brands, individuals also need brands!Nowadays, people need more and more sideline development!(Main business for survival, sideline business for development) I see a lot of friends are this project this year, next year to change the project, constantly chasing the project running, making money is very hard or even can not earn money……Instead of digging 10 Wells 100 Wells, it is better to dig a well and dig a steady stream of spring wealth…Make it a centimeter wide, make it a kilometer deep!I am a practitioner of long-termism, and HERE I seriously recommend a side business that can be engaged in for a long time or even a lifetime. If you need to create sustainable income and a career that can last a lifetime, you can contact me for consultation