China ping latest official announcement!Liu Shiwen may participate in a winter Olympics event, fans cheer

2022-05-13 0 By

The ping WTT AoMenZhan after the end of the game, has been nearly ten days’ rest time, a new journey is about to begin, liu shiwen at the WTT is also pretty continue against Xu Xin won more MEDALS is mixed doubles gold medal, the age of 30 competitive state can still keep so perfect, in the ping is the team,We all know liu shiwen basically retired after the match, now Liu shiwen’s new position was announced, the fans cheered, xiao Zaozao finally started his second journey of life.Fans also can guess, thread jujube affirmation is to continue to work in the sports world, but yeah, it seems like when the coach, because liu shiwen is belongs to the athletes of export-oriented, work in the explanation of more appropriate, the winter Olympics is about to start the race, CCTV at present are likely to be invited well-known athletes as explanation, but the fans have questioned, liu shiwen is table tennis players,Liu Shiwen does not understand the winter Olympic Games, is it inappropriate?From the point of the official news, CCTV is likely to invite a number of well-known sports figures, cross-border explanation, liu shiwen has accepted the invitation of the east, and also completed the various projects in recent understanding of the training, from here we also show some other news, is liu shiwen because older choose to give up ping-pong, east to learn the project?Fans also believe that Liu Shiwen’s table tennis requires hand skills, and there are some events in the Winter Olympics that are more consistent. For example, curling is likely to be liu Shiwen’s focus in the future. Maybe we can see Liu Shiwen appear in the curling arena in the future Winter Olympics.Whether liu shiwen partner Xu Xin would also meeting with liu shiwen, the answer is probably, if after the winter Olympics in mixed doubles curling, so the combination of liu shiwen and Xu Xin would win, everyone feel Xu Xin liu shiwen this union, went to mixed doubles Olympic curling will have a lot of aspect, fans also strongly suggest they go to walk this path.