AlphaCode can now write code. Will ARTIFICIAL Intelligence replace people

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DeepMind is back in the headlines these days after AlphaCode wrote an algorithm that beat 46% of Codeforces’ entries.I remember that in 2018, I was still in a frenzy of praise for artificial intelligence, but I just wanted to find an opportunity to switch to AI.Seeing such news now is not so blind, I think artificial intelligence is still several centuries away from replacing human beings.In the past, I had a kind of confidence about “machine replacing human”. I always thought that with the development of technology, all repetitive tasks could be done by machines.But I’m a little skeptical since the big companies started to promote “mentally disabled customer service”.As soon as the service was introduced, big manufacturers began to reduce the number of customer service staff, and at the same time consumers complained.”The biggest problem is lack of emotion and the ability to deal with open-ended questions.No matter how many messages you send to RETARded Customer Service describing your particular situation, it’s a mechanical, official, repetitive, objective answer.Customer service consultation is a very emotional scene, “mentally disabled customer service” can not understand people’s emotions, it is easy to intensify the conflict.Many scenes, need people’s sensibility, temperature, creativity, only the real person can be fully competent.For example, the costumes, torch and opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics require a deep understanding of the history, culture and politics of the Chinese nation.It is difficult to analyze data mixed with human nature. Although we can get all the data of consumers, it is hard to say what consumers want.For example, shopping is a low-frequency behavior. My mobile phone is broken and I want to buy an iPhone. Zhang Xiaofei’s coat in the Spring Festival Gala is very popular and sold out overnight.What is a person’s need?It’s really hard to answer.Maybe it is a sentence of love beans that arouses interest. Maybe it is a new hobby after watching a play. Maybe it is a new thinking after reading a few books.The depth of human nature is hard to measure with data.AlphaCode, including Ganghuo, is also trained on the basis of codes written by programmers. It can only reason about scenes that have been determined to have solutions. Even when solving problems, it also needs human intervention to do some fitting.Most programmers probably have moments when they want to “challenge themselves,” but will artificial intelligence?The most suitable scenario for artificial intelligence may be to help humans analyze data, such as speech recognition, image recognition and automatic driving, which are widely used now.Data analysis is a very objective behavior. In essence, people’s understanding of data is instilled into the machine through training, so that the machine can serve people.In the Wandering Earth, Moss says, “It is too much to ask to keep man sane forever!”.Yes, human beings are originally a mixture of rationality and sensibility, while artificial intelligence is the ultimate in rationality, which is the biggest difference between artificial intelligence and human beings.Humans make the rules, tell the AI what we want through algorithms or big data, and let the AI calculate it.Yashima’s book “The Last Anchor bolt”, published in science Fiction World, envisages the ultimate application of ARTIFICIAL intelligence in the field of traffic safety. Artificial intelligence can determine the possibility of a traffic accident and then force the ejecta anchor bolt into the ground to immediately stop vehicles, of course, too fast can cause casualties.When the two cars cannot avoid the collision in any case, the artificial intelligence of the two cars enters the virtual court to complete the negotiation in a very short time and decide which car bears the responsibility to make sacrifices. If the casualties cannot be avoided, the artificial intelligence negotiation results will determine the life and death of people.Only certain rules can calculate, without rules can not calculate.The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence is its fast calculation speed, so it is very suitable for the analysis and reasoning of objective data, which is unmatched by human beings.Of course, the rules here are also trained by the data, not the if else display rules, but the implicit rules that the data portrays.Artificial intelligence is powerless to sum up subjective things, because “subjective” is something that only human beings have.Without human beings, there would be no subjectivity, and without human subjective initiative, a machine would ultimately be a machine.Artificial intelligence is very good at objective things, especially data analysis and reasoning. The fundamental reason is that human brain is good at analysis and can distribute rules to artificial intelligence.AlphaCode can write code now. Will ARTIFICIAL intelligence replace people? – The heart of the program