Too many people limit the flow!Mojo’s hottest and funniest event this winter. Did you clock in?

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Today, the Beijing Winter Olympics officially opens.In addition to watching the opening ceremony in front of TV, Shanghai residents also went to Shanghai’s major shopping malls these two days, taking advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, the whole family went to experience skiing, ice skating and other ice sports, to feel the “Winter Olympics time”.”There are more people in the rink now and we have restricted the flow.”Yesterday afternoon at 3 o ‘clock, wujiaochang business circle bailian another city surging, the most popular is undoubtedly the 7th floor champion ice rink.Walking to the service desk at the entrance, the staff told Haikou jun that because there were many customers skating in the venue, the ticket sale had been stopped now, and the ticket sale could be reopened later.In the ice rink of Bailian Youyicheng, citizens come to experience ice and snow sports in an endless stream. “Since the winter vacation, with the approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice rink passenger flow has increased significantly.”Related person in charge of Bailian another city told Coast jun that the ice rink usually focuses on trainee training, but recently many students and young white-collar workers also come to taste fresh food and feel the joy of the Same frequency as the Winter Olympics.Haijian jun saw yesterday afternoon at the scene, there are both beginners holding the railings slowly adapt to the ice, there are also experienced hands in the center of the rotation skating.Big children holding hands with small children, laughing and sliding on the ice, even if accidentally fell down, they will quickly stand up to continue to experience, have fun.In order to let more people experience ice and snow sports, during the Winter Olympic Games, Bailian another city linked to the champion ice rink, launched the ice public welfare courses, under the guidance of professional coaches, so that more “zero basic” citizens can “zero threshold” preliminary ice sports skills.SNOWONE, on the sixth floor of The New World City on Nanjing Road, also has a hot atmosphere.The space of more than 1,000 square meters is divided into ice area and snow area, among which the ice area is the earliest indoor real ice rink in Shanghai. As soon as it opens every morning, many citizens come to experience it.In the snow area, the illusion of artificial white snow turns the whole space into a frozen snow field. There are also snow house mazes, ski ladders, snowmen and other activities, which become children’s favorite.The ice park in Jing ‘an City is decorated with Austrian art of light and shadow. The stars and snowflakes bring romance.Since the customers are mainly from nearby residents, many people choose to go skating in the evening, so that they can not only digest the holiday meal, but also feel the more romantic atmosphere of ice and snow.In addition to the snow and ice in the ice Paradise of Jing ‘an Dalong City, there are also thriving “tiger” forces in Shanghai shopping malls, creating a festive atmosphere and setting off a shopping craze of “New Year’s Eve Shopping Festival”.New commercial landmarks opened last year ushered in the first Chinese New Year, with a series of special activities to create a festive atmosphere.With “Let’s Tiger Well.” as the theme of the first Spring Festival, Fotan Taikoo Li opened four art punching spots to present the trend of traditional and personalized New Year.The main brand of Shanghai Jiuguang Center’s New Year’s Eve gift will also be put on the online store at the same time;North Bund Raffles focuses on “2022 New Fashion Shanghai Memory Refresh Clothes”, injecting new power and new energy into the “father brand”.In order to meet the shopping needs of consumers during the Spring Festival, major commercial entities also continue to carry out the Spring Festival shopping festival and various kinds of discount promotion activities.Bailian Group launched the “One billion Red envelope big New Year greetings”, with one billion Spring Festival red envelope to give back to the market, online and offline mutual empowerment;Xujiahui Business district held the “2022 New Elephant Festival”, six shopping malls within the business district carried out the year of the Tiger surprise gift activities.Gold coast studio author | Zhang Yuyun image | Zhang Yuyun Shanghai huangpu Shanghai hotline compiled album | Lu Jiahui