Qingdao has for the first time implemented batch centralized procurement of green building materials for government-invested projects

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to resolutely implement the double carbon goal and fully support green development, Qingdao Finance Bureau and Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau successfully held the negotiation of government batch centralized purchase of waterproof materials in Xiwang Building, Shibei Business District on April 7.This is the first batch centralized procurement of waterproof materials for government-invested projects in China, marking an important step in exploring the large-scale procurement mechanism of green building materials in Qingdao as a pilot city of the national government procurement policy to support green building materials.Due to the epidemic situation, this batch of centralized procurement adopts online negotiation and invites relevant leading manufacturers in the domestic waterproof material industry to participate. The purchased products will be used in 13 government-invested projects of the city, with a total construction area of 168,900 square meters.After five rounds of intense negotiations, Century Hongyu (Dezhou) Technology Co., Ltd. was finally determined as the supplier of the transaction, with a total transaction price of 2,339,300 yuan and a capital saving rate of 39%.To carry out batch centralized procurement of green building materials is one of the important tasks of the pilot work of government procurement to support green building materials and promote building quality improvement determined by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Since undertaking the pilot task, Qingdao has actively explored convenient, efficient and replicable procurement mechanism and tried to reduce procurement costs through institutional innovation.First, unified standards and requirements.Control from the source of the project, standardize and unify the design specifications, construction technology and demand standards of building materials of similar design content of pilot projects, and effectively improve the procurement scale of required building materials.Second, direct supply and demand negotiations.In order to shorten the transaction chain, improve efficiency and reduce costs, green building materials batch collection directly invites the production enterprises to participate in, by promising the purchase scale, setting preferential account period, providing financial support and other ways to encourage suppliers to offer more favorable prices.Third, we will innovate the supply insurance mechanism.The negotiations identify two candidates in addition to the completed suppliers and commit to perform the “replacement” contract at the price quoted by the completed suppliers to ensure that the government-invested projects are completed on schedule.Fourth, improve the two-level quality control mechanism.In the performance of the procurement contract for specific projects, the purchaser, the general contractor, the construction unit and the supervision unit invite the unclinched suppliers to jointly inspect the goods delivered by the clinched suppliers;During the performance period of the framework agreement, the regulatory authorities will carry out at least two random inspections on the goods delivered by the suppliers to ensure the quality of government-invested projects.In the next step, Qingdao will take this negotiation as an opportunity to actively explore and promote the mass procurement of other green building materials, and summarize Qingdao’s experience that can be copied and promoted for the national pilot work.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Xiao Fang report)