Confrontation opens an era of “a hundred schools of Thought contend”?Lv Bu heat is not reduced, Sun Ce opportunity really came

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As a whole, this season is still prefer to wild nuclear ways, but it is worth mentioning that this season against road, even the appearance of many new points on the hero, is not some less popular hero, but in this season, the hero is really on the password, next, wave uncle against everybody together discuss about the “schools of thought contend” era of the road.Lv Bu first said in the fight against the road heat almost not reduced god of war Lv Bu, in fact, in the high-end bureau, Lv Bu’s position is not particularly exaggerated, but because the hero itself is easy to operate, high damage and so on, Lv Bu is liked by a lot of players against the road.But it is because of this, so Lv Bu in the ranking of the win rate is not very high, but the hero itself of the heat value, is really ranked in the first place.It is worth mentioning that, in the KPL spring game of the game, Lv Bu’s appearance rate is also very high.It is because of the hero itself high heat, so we must understand, how to play the hero to smooth points.In this season, Lu Bu in the fifth row, in fact, is more as a pressure group battle type wing, in the single row, also must see the opposite lineup to take the hero, for example, facing the other side tank + meat supplement, Lu Bu can play a greater role.Say first inscriptions, lyu3 bu4 recommend choose “9 hidden hunting, 9, 10, passing on 1 red crescent” and aspect, in fact, lyu3 bu4 and more flexible, we can according to the actual situation of the game to choose, here recommend is: resistance of the boots and the anti stab injury, the succuba cloak, army, an ominous, pure sky.Since the addition of the pure Sky in the middle of the season, The old master has suddenly stood up on the road and become a ruthless one-belt machine, both at the low end of the rankings, and in the peak and top ranks, the heat of the old master has greatly increased.The winning rate of the top ranking was 52.46 percent, and the participation rate was 17.80 percent.This kind of statistics, also see the old man in this season’s status.First of all, one of the inscriptions recommended by the old master, here the selection is “4 changes 6 red moon, 10 hunting, 10 eagle eye” equipment selection, here the recommendation is: extreme quick combat boots, the end of the world, extreme cold storm, eternal night guard, pure sky, ominous omen.In fact, Guan Yu and Ma Chao are definitely the most popular wing heroes in the summit, because Ma Chao and Guan Yu are both quick support wing heroes, so they are very popular in the summit.However, for some players of low level, if their proficiency is not very high, it is not recommended to take these two heroes on the points.Because the training cost of these two heroes is very high, just like high risk and high reward. If they play well in the game, one person can drive the rhythm of the whole match, but if they don’t play well, they will become the biggest pit in the team.Here is also to recommend the two heroes of the conventional outfit, I hope to help you.Guan Yu Inscription recommendation: 10 abnormal, 10 Hidden, 10 Hawkeye equipment recommendation: Resistance boots, Violent armor, Shadow Tomahawk, Ominous Omen, Broken Star Hammer, Witch’s Cloak Ma Chao Inscription recommendation: 5 abnormal 5 Red Moon, 10 hunting, 10 Hawkeye equipment recommendation:Ice cool boots, shadow tomahawk, mark’s grasp and the resistance of the boots, violent, breaking hammer star sun ce why the title will say sun ce the opportunity came, during the Spring Festival, is the official on the tiger god ji’s skin, and on the eve of valentine’s day, sun ce has also revealed his new skin, and officially launched in 18, the skin is the end of the mecha the third paragraph of the skin,The mecha skin belonging to Sun Ce.Because the skin positioning is a sense of technology, coupled with the identity of sun Ce’s old captain, so his mount attracted attention, and the official design did not disappoint, Sun Ce’s ship directly into a star airship, and Sun Ce himself is directly wearing a set of cool mecha.Sun Ce is a good choice for both the new skin and the current situation of fighting lu. If sun Ce does not weaken after the subsequent skin heat passes, then fighting Lu will definitely have a place for him.So this season’s Sun Ce exactly how to choose the inscription and equipment?First, for beginners, the inscription recommends: 10 occult, 10 Eagle eye, 10 Mutation.In terms of equipment, recommended options: Pure Firmament, Boot of Resistance, Starhammer, Counter Piercing armor, Army breaker, Witch cloak.Such a loading and inscription, late meat and output, fault tolerance rate is very high.If you want to do high damage, inscription recommended: 1 Stealth 9 hunting, 10 Eagle Eye, 8 transformation 2 Red Moon equipment recommended: Pure sky, Boots of Resistance, Star Hammer, broken army, Witch cloak, the Power of the grand Master.Finally, I would like to add some information about Sun Ce’s combination moves: 1. Starting combination moves: 1.So, who do you think is the best hero to play against this season?Welcome to leave a comment, if the above inscription and equipment recommended wrong, also welcome to correct, looking forward to a more appropriate scheme, to help more players on the score.