Swordnet 3: What is the theme song of the 7th Masters?Let’s guess

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Hello everyone, here is Ye Tiehammer guessing the theme song name of the 7th Masters.Sword net 3 competitive Masters theme song is very out of the circle.It is not only passionate, but also very good in the ancient style circle, and has been widely sung for many years.The theme song of the second competitive Masters “When Zhan” is two words, the theme song of the third competitive Masters “He Zeng Fear” is three words, and the theme song of the fourth competitive Masters is “The Invincible warrior”.Everyone said in succession, is not a few masters, the theme song title is a few words.It turns out that the theme song for the fifth Masters is exactly five words.The theme song of the sixth Masters is also exactly six words.The hammer guessed it would be called “Find a Way to Make Seven Words.”The 7th “Sword Net 3” competition masters will adopt the dual track competition system, no matter you are folk gods or professional players, you will have the opportunity to fight for the final champion!The national Track will select 64 teams through the audition, the quota distribution is 48 teams in telecom area + 16 teams in dual-line area, the national track’s top eight teams will be the first to advance to the final stage, the remaining four will enter the “rank competition” stage to compete with professional teams for promotion quota;Professional track The professional track will consist of four professional teams in a double-loss competition. The top two teams in the double-loss competition will directly advance to the final stage, and the bottom two teams will enter the “promotion competition” stage to compete with civilian teams for promotion spots.Registration time: 09:00 from February 25th to March 14th.Audition time: 20:00 — 24:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from February 25th to March 13th note: Registration after the deadline will not be included, please register as soon as possible.Competition: Mar. 19th-Mar. 20th Note: the four teams will adopt the BO5 double-loss system, the first two will advance to the finals, and the second two will advance to the advanced tournament.The rewards for this Masters tournament are also substantial.And that concludes our introduction to the seventh Masters!The hammer will continue to follow the news