Second child family looks over dongfeng scenery new 580 worth buying

2022-05-11 0 By

As a brand new model with six seats of comfort, the New 580 has caused a great response when it was launched. So how comfortable is this car?Let’s find out together through a test drive.In terms of appearance, new 580 adopted family “new tide aesthetics” design concept, more exaggerated China and throughout the type LED headlamp unit design day, let whole face before enough tension, and the car side a compact, throughout the rear with same type LED taillights and car form echo, the overall appearance design much more avant-garde fashion,In line with the aesthetic of today’s young people.The interior layout is more orderly, and the materials used for work are large areas of soft packaging to enhance its sense of luxury.What attracts the eye is the dual-screen LCD panel. The 7-inch + 12.3-inch dual-screen displays fine effects and has a rich functional interface. HUAWEI Hicar’s vehicle-to-vehicle system also supports mainstream functions such as voice command, vehicle-to-home interconnection, mobile phone interconnection and APP download, which are very easy for young people to learn.The seat cushion is relatively solid, providing good support, support electric adjustment and electric waist support function.The highlight of the car is the 2+2+2 layout of the seats, so that the second row passengers can have an independent space, and support the ventilation and heating functions of the two rows of seats, increasing the comfort of the ride.The third row seats are also completely unburdensome for short trips.In terms of power, the fengxin 580 is powered by a 1.5-ton miller cycle turbocharged engine, matched by a 6-speed manual transmission and an optional 6-at automatic transmission, with 135kW of power and 300N·m of torque.Comprehensive data, in the same level and the same price model in the middle and upper level.The feeling of driving it is that the whole acceleration process is very smooth, and the adjustment of the accelerator pedal will make it more brisk to drive, and the initial dynamic response is clean and direct.Adjustable steering dynamics three block, according to the different driving mode, its steering torque will also make corresponding adjustment, standard mode, more suitable for our daily driving, the movement mode, while steering strength increased, but also completely within the scope of the controllable, won’t make you feel heavy hand, cooperate with it enough accurate directivity,I’m very confident about turning and merging.In terms of sound insulation and noise reduction, the interior of the car will be more quiet at low speed, and when the speed exceeds 100km/h, the engine noise in the car will be slightly transmitted to the car, and the noise suppression ability of the tire will be relatively good. Thanks to the choice of quiet tire that is more suitable for urban road driving, most of the noise can be filtered out to avoid transmission to the car.Chassis suspension set-up to comfortable setting, for the beautiful scenery of the main household new 580 shock filter performance will be more wonderful, the road witnessed ups and downs, the low frequency vibration almost disparity is not obvious, but when the speed quickly through deceleration camp of high-frequency finely vibration, compact suspension can still good to suppress body bounce,In particular, the rear suspension did not appear too large ups and downs, to ensure the comfort of the car driver and passenger.On the whole, the new 580 is visible to the naked eye, whether it is the improvement of the appearance level and the upgrade of the technological configuration, plus the rich three-row seat layout and enough comfortable driving adjustment, which also makes its comprehensive quality in this price range can be at the level of the first tier.