One more time, Tianjin wants to repeat victory!I won’t make the same mistake again, Yanis!

2022-05-11 0 By

Touch of tianjin, again for yanni and his team is undoubtedly very anxious to start immediately, because lost to tianjin, the ball, instantly and let yanni, feeling a bit embarrassing, thought is easily, take tianjin headphones, thought over, tianjin easily take Beijing practiced hand, who just left this gas, still be high-souled youth men’s basketball team in Beijing,This time again relative, is the last period of the league, Beijing wants to go further, Tianjin wants to rush, is bound to spark.For tianjin, they don’t have any burden, only need to play, play themselves, after all, they are nothing to lose, big mark time, flushing but that they might have to cut down again Beijing men’s basketball team, because they have taken a profit, know how to win, Beijing is not a good defense, but can still three points if tianjin rain hand up sword fell, then copy the victory,Come again, probably is not difficult, because this is tianjin team’s own characteristic, should have level.Want to copy the victory, of course, once again, is not completely the same, blind imitation, there is no change, in that case, Beijing men’s basketball team will certainly be ready, the last time they had eaten kui, this may also draw lessons, so change is to some, but plus ca change, is to put the three points to brush up, open perimeter,Then use Zhang Zhaoxu’s high containment, play inside and out series, so that Beijing is difficult to defend.We believe tianjin coach de-gui zhang guidance has ready to deal with again, he knew that this had a is harder than in Beijing, but also is to exercise, a good opportunity for us to make breakthrough in tianjin, so for de-gui zhang boss and his team in tianjin, they are also ready to go all out, is to keep up with a dare to strong-arm reaction, have the courage to strong-arm reaction,Give full play to their own strengths, then victory is natural.And for yanni, hot, less than the final end of the win, he won’t feel Japanese, he is a purpose, the game is to take tianjin vent, more do not allow the Beijing men’s basketball team to make the same mistake, that is lightly, attend, let opponents outside open, and inside, his proud matrix cracking at a draught of the twin towers,Without any advantage, it can be said that the last game was beaten, but also slow over, and so on to start chasing points, time is out, Tianjin has completely entered the state.So this Beijing men’s basketball team is likely to come up to high pressure type of defense, let tianjin breath, otherwise throw away suddenly let tianjin, Beijing is really bad to do, so the boss yanni will certainly put the defense in the first, want to use their own good at defense tianjin hard-to-sell, fell to ground, as far as possible it depends on the performance of the twin towers, can drown zhao-xu zhang,Let Beijing play at the pace it wants.This is actually a rhythm, see tianjin can copy a victory on the way, in the trend of the game shuts its into their own pace, three-point shot open, inside a basket, it is a quick victory, and Beijing is to slowly but surely, as far as possible to slow down the game, the twin towers take turns to battle, by passing look for opportunities to see is more sharp spear,Or is the shield stronger? Let’s wait and see.Come on, Tianjin!Come on, Beijing!