Key technology of sweet sorghum silage!Master these points, you can do silage at home!

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With the policy of changing grain to feed, China’s animal husbandry is expanding, and the demand for silage is gradually increasing, which leads to a serious shortage of silage on the market.And silage is the essential basic feed for raising ruminant livestock, which is what we call scientific breeding.It is very important to use silage to solve the shortage of animal husbandry feed in China. Speaking of silage, many people choose high yield, high quality, high sugar content and easy to silage feed crops.The fermentation of silage can increase the palatability and digestibility of feed, and ensure the balanced supply of green feed every year, so the production and reserve of silage are paid much attention to.Speaking of sweet sorghum gathered a lot of people will think the grain, as food or wine, and we are the sweet sorghum belongs to forage sorghum, is to be the best suitable material for silage, because of the sweet sorghum stalks are rich in sugar, sugar is an important raw material of lactic acid fermented feed when, only enough sugar, to better the quality of silage fermentation.Sweet sorghum as the raw material of silage, its yield is fully two times higher than silage corn, even up to three times, the yield per mu up to 10 to 15 tons, low cost, high energy, high nutritional composition.What is the process of sweet sorghum as silage?Today, the seed gang will take you to see.The first step is harvesting: as silage, we usually harvest sweet sorghum at about 3 meters. For multi-harvest sweet sorghum, we can harvest it in sunny days and leave stubble of 10~12 cm to provide regeneration.The cut sweet sorghum can not be silage immediately, but should be dried for 2h before bundling. At this time, we can keep the water content at about 70% as soon as possible.The second step, cut short: after drying the sweet sorghum can use mill cut short into 1.5 ~ 2 cm of small section for packing, loading step to cut short the sweet sorghum material spraying lactic acid bacteria fermentation liquor, lactic acid bacteria played an important role at this time, it is fermented silage quality better, yellow-green color and better quality, better palatability.The third step, filling: cut short sweet sorghum raw materials into containers, we will generally be divided into three types of containers, small family forage farmers, can use automatic baling machine, like large farmers, the south is mostly set on the ground silage, the north is mostly cellar, the northern region is generally dry, the need for water conservation.Usually we will choose a sunny, high terrain, good drainage, no pollution around the place to set up silage.Loading process will be in accordance with the layered filling way of silage raw material, the thickness of each layer is 15 cm, and sprayed with lactic acid bacteria fermentation mother liquor, then used a stick to consolidate, and then continue to pack, 2 ml per 1 kg of silage feed fermentation liquor, when loading a full, to avoid rot, can use small pits human trample, silage tractor rolling in loading when available.The fourth step, seal: after filling to seal preservation, finally cover the surface with plastic film, and tie with cotton thread, so that water, gas is not easy to leak out or leak into.Within a few days of sealing, the top of the pool should be inspected frequently and new soil should be covered in time to fill.During sealing and storage, avoid rain and sunlight. After silage time is 30-40 days, it can be unsealed and used.Fifth step, silage: sweet sorghum after fermentation, can produce a lot of lactic acid and aromatic substances, high digestibility, cattle and sheep like to eat.It can be unsealed for inspection after 30 days.The most simple is to observe the color, smell the smell, the successful silage feed has an obvious sour smell, juicy, and good palatability, silage failure feed will have rotten taste, and mildew phenomenon, fermentation is not sufficient, palatability is poor.Step 6: Take and feed: Sweet sorghum can be unsealed and fed after 30 days of silage. Take out and feed according to the feed intake of livestock. Because silage should not be placed for too long, it is forbidden to open it completely or use it in holes.From the perspective of feeding effect, cattle and sheep like to eat, sweet sorghum silage and corn silage, dairy cows feeding sweet sorghum silage produce 1.5 kg milk per cow per day than corn, beef cows feeding sweet sorghum gain 0.4 kg more weight per cow per day than corn.Today, sweet sorghum silage is introduced here. If you have any questions, you can leave a message below, or contact us. Thank you for your support!This article part of the material comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you!