In response to South Korean journalist Im Zi-wei on Hwang Dae-heon: The court has been against me in the past “war”

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The thrilling short track speed skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end on The evening of February 16, Beijing time.On the final day of competition, China failed to win a medal.Choi Min-jeong of South Korea won the women’s 1,500m and Canada won the men’s 5,000m relay after China made a mistake and only finished fifth.In the end, South Korea won two gold and three silver MEDALS to lead the short-track speed skating medal tally, while China and The Netherlands tied for second place with two gold, one silver and one bronze.China won gold in the mixed team relay and Ren Ziwei won gold in the men’s 1,000m.In contrast, Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea won gold in the men’s 1,500m and silver in the 5,000m relay.Ren Ziwei dominated their aerial duel in the Beijing Winter Olympics.After finishing all the games, the Korean media also focused on Im.Ren ziwei stopped in the mixed interview area, and the South Korean reporter asked a volunteer to help him and offered an interview question: “Which South Korean player have you impressed most and paid the most attention to?”Faced with this open question, Ren ziwei did not shy away from it, nor did he say anything like “every player is hardworking and has a very high level”.”It should be Hwang Dae-heon.”Why Hwang Dae-heon?”He grew up faster than me because we played in the World Junior championships together,” Ren explained.”[He] kept pointing at me, and I kept losing him.But this year it’s been back and forth, we probably used to fight all the time ‘!”Does the answer smell like gunpowder?Ren ziwei changed his mind again: “However, this year, I think we are quite harmonious!”After seeing His comments on Hwang, many netizens gave him a thumbs up, saying that He has a high eq. He not only showed his edge as an opponent, but also politely praised his opponent’s ability, which is really high.