Daming carbon steel | 100% finished material, Hubei processing center service weighing instrument industry was well received

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Daming carbon steel | 100% timber, hubei processing center service weighing apparatus industry acclaim # # # recently, daming machining center of hubei province is a weighing apparatus factory provides bending of semi-finished products, high quality, Gao Chengcai processing services won the praise of customers.Due to the higher requirements of the final supporting products, the load-bearing capacity of the scales should be improved and the service life of the scales should be increased. Therefore, the customer optimized the strength and structure of the raw materials of the products.Daming Hubei Processing Center combined with its own rich material inventory, professional technical team and advanced equipment conditions, tailor-made a set of material selection, processing and distribution solutions for customers.The finished products of the customer’s processing order are 3.0mm plate thickness, WYS700 material, and a total of 350 semi-finished bending pieces.Customer bending precision and surface quality of product demand is higher, daming machining center of hubei province take advantage of all the imported equipment, through multi-channel process, combined with field engineer of rich experience, eventually bend out 100% yield of the product, high efficiency high quality processing, batches late order laid a good foundation for both sides.Main equipment: CNC bending machine (double linkage) 2-PPEB500 CNC bending machine PPEB-H2000 bending force: 50T~2000T bending length: 2000mm~12500mm Business contact: Hu Hui 188****2920 Daming Group brand rong Media Center editor-in-chief:Ren Fenghua Executive Editor: Wang Huaxing Responsible Editor: Tao Beibei Contributed by Hu Hui, Hubei Finance Media Sub-Center, Daming