985 college professors comment on the results of the spot check of the Ministry of Education’s papers

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To be honest, what kind of valuable spirit is it for a university professor to publish a paper questioning the flaws in the spot-check of the Ministry of Education?If this dare to speak the truth, practical and realistic work style is used for reference by other teachers, then our educational system can not be improved as soon as possible?As early as October 2020, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council issued the General Plan for Deepening The Reform of Education Evaluation in the New Era, which clearly stated that academic standards should be strictly implemented, pilot projects for random examination of undergraduate thesis (design) should be explored, and academic misconduct of all kinds should be seriously dealt with.The actual implementation date is January 1, 2021, which makes undergraduate and graduate students busy, but individual schools are still going ahead and trying to muddle through.The graduate School of China University of Mining and Technology (CAMT) announced on its official website that 520 master’s theses were randomly checked last year, of which 26 were problematic, with a missing rate as high as 5%.Other universities, such as Sun Yat-sen University and South China Normal University, have more than 200 papers.From the result of sampling observation point of view, there are 54 master’s degree paper each have one expert review comments as “unqualified”, located in jinan university, shenzhen university, etc. 17 colleges and universities, the number of south China normal university “unqualified”, 12, sun yat-sen university and south China university of technology, these two colleges and universities in 985 are 9 and 1 piece of paper on the list.In view of the existence of “problematic papers”, netizens have different voices. They all question the tutors: The college enrollment expansion is to improve the overall quality, don’t these tutors in charge of gatekeeping ignore the students’ papers?How does the thesis talk about the tutor’s “piercing eyes”?Today’s graduate papers are copied to copy, on the Internet to download a few papers, east spelling eight together became their own papers, even more, more than to the paper there is a language problem, such as sentence is not smooth, and the theme of the paper has nothing to do with the tutor was directly judged as qualified, this paper is not found out is not normal!Can essay checks really improve the real standards of today’s college students?A professor from Wuhan University pointed out the defects of current paper sampling, and netizens called it “fascinating”.Su Dechao, a professor at Wuhan University, warned some tutors that they should examine their own papers.Light spot check useless, want to open authority to let net friend check!When Professor Su dechao questioned the problems of contemporary college students’ dissertations, he did not show any respect to the supervisors. He pointed out that everyone should ask themselves: Is the level of postgraduate enrollment declining as it expands?Especially professional degree, recruit more and more people, words are illogical, still can get a degree?Is this graduate education not pass, or primary school Chinese education not pass?Professor Su dechao is not being alarmist.He personally downloaded the MBA master’s thesis of Nanchang University, but there was really a problem. He found that almost every page had language problems, and even the acknowledgments were problematic.Xiaobian carefully read this MBA thesis and found many problems. The problematic parts were marked with red pen. It can be seen that this thesis is completely plagiarized and directly copied from the network, and I don’t know how he was approved by the thesis Review Committee.Paper spot check cannot rigidly stick to form, want to punish academic misconduct student, still have guide teacher!The paper is open on the net no problem, the paper author, tutor, still have blind examine an expert to have responsibility, check to, give tripartite all severe punishment, school double first-rate or other square buckle corresponding cent!Is it true, as this user said, that too many mentors are irresponsible and trying to do things for themselves?Graduate school is the same, as long as the good relationship to graduate?Some net friends analyze the source of this paper: the first section of a large section of copy and paste and then disrupt the order to prevent heavy check, in this process, due to not serious, lead to all kinds of obvious wrong sentences and wrong sentences, may also be directly from the Internet to search an English, mechanical translation, the tutor did not review caused.There are also netizens directly @ Nanchang University: strict quality control!Professor Su Dechao of Wuhan University responded to the question directly and frankly, won the praise of the majority of netizens, what he said is true, the quality of college students’ papers is indeed worrying.Were your papers in college rigorous?Talk about your experience and share what you learned about your college paper.