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Author | grace passenger source | Confucius books dynamic web APP for a New Year’s eve firecrackers, spring breeze gifts into the toso.These days write log addiction, often get to the early hours of the morning, but also did not feel tired, online book friends message: “with a group of books, really happy!”In fact, I am a “person sitting in a book”. The question is “which one loves reading?”Physical bookstore suffering, lengnuanzizhi it!10:40 a.m., the first customer came in, took, a few days ago to choose a good volume “Wanli fifteen years” (Wu Renyu, Sanlian publishing house);After that, three children came in, their world is innocent, a chattering, each selected a book, the leader of the child calls his mother, asked: “can you buy some books for the sisters?””The answer was” No “.The mother’s attitude really surprised me, and I felt so sad and hurt. I did not want to think about the real reason behind it. However, it is not the right attitude of a rational mother to reject the world in which her child seeks knowledge.One morning, the continuation of yesterday’s bleak, only to sell this single, thirteen dollars.In the afternoon, my colleague Mr. Wang said that he would like to bring his children to the bookstore, so I welcome them naturally. At 2:50, a family of four entered the store, darling, and brought hot water cups, which is the rhythm of making a bed on the floor!Colleagues is me in the middle of the enterprise, is one of the few adults in reading after work. (this is also my pain points of the listed company), the two boys, top grade three, one-inch preschool, wife chose the pupils that Lin huiyin corpus, a good professional women, in their own ascension at the same time, always forget the cultivation of the child;After reading the comic Douro Land in silence for more than half an hour, he followed my advice and chose history is a Bunch of Cats, a popular and growth-promoting comic book.Colleagues chose the “Chinese folk to spend money”, “MAO’s poetry appreciation” of xiehouyu “, by the way, popularize knowledge of some copper cash collection for me, especially the “folk spend quite some research,” his Tibetan thousands in all previous dynasties copper medal, a friend who has a hobby have interest, left, want to give father choose some books, and give 15 copies of “story” in 2021,Total 120 yuan, warm and harmonious family of four, old and young, people envy.Another boy came in and bought a book called “The Wandering Earth” with a discount of 18 yuan.An uncle bought a “MAO Zedong life archives (1)”, due to lack, 30 yuan processing, online complete set of about 200 yuan;At 4:30, a mother ushered in a teenager in high school and asked, “Uncle, do you have marquez and Kafka?”This is hitting the muzzle of the book cube!Must have, I like to see the classic of the young, immediately from the shelf out of a book “one hundred years of solitude”, the young then quickly turned over the inside pages, repeatedly nodded and said “yes, yes, is it”, suddenly, next to the mother is not worried about the whispered ask: “One hundred years of solitude”?It’s not a love book, is it?”The child and I laughed, I said: “this book is really mellow love, but not just fenghuaxueyue, we don’t look at this age worth mentioning, the child to see don’t block”, mother embarrassed smiled, said: “good, good, good, buy, buy!”It can be seen that the mother does not seem to have a high level of education, but the mother accompanied the child to choose books throughout the whole process, which must be praised for her. Finally, the book selected by the teenager: a collection of Kafka’s short stories metamorphosis, a collection of Xiao Hong’s short stories March in a Small Town, and a volume of Animism:The vegetation of birds and animals and worms in the book of songs “(Japanese writer ran well written books on composition in the classic Chinese classics), a book written by dolphin press Sun Dehong news speech record, have to say, from a child to choose books as you can see, the mother is open and inclusive, she accompany children to grow up, we as adults, youth may have not read or less read a book,But we should support our children to read more books and read good books.A few more customers, one after another to buy books to leave, closing at 6:30 p.m.Today, the book cube opened low and went high, a total of 11 groups of customers into the store, 10 transactions, the transaction rate of 90%, selling 32 books, revenue of 952 yuan, the average of 95.2 yuan per order, an increase of 144.2% compared with yesterday, is actually in recent years the Spring Festival holiday single store single-day sales record.”Life is not a hundred years old, death is not lonely” (one Hundred Years of Solitude), who said that “book Cube” is lonely, there is no spring?I want to.– Eternal life Ren Yinhu New Year three nights recorded in longevity Xuan (here has added a small program, please go to toutiao client view)