Fuku Zijin Hydrogen energy project landed in Minhou

2022-05-10 0 By

Recently, Minhou County, Fuzhou University, Zijin Mining Group signed a framework agreement, Fuda Zijin Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. officially settled in Minhou, to help minhou new energy industry development and clustering growth.The new goal of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060 is China’s solemn commitment to the world.The 11th Provincial Party Congress proposed to make the green economy bigger, stronger and better, and accelerate the development of green and low-carbon cycle.The 12th Party Congress of Fuzhou proposed to continuously promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial layout, the low-carbon reform of energy structure, and explore the carbon peak and carbon neutral “Fuzhou scheme”.At present, Minhou County focuses on further playing the advantages of “Fuzhou University City”, increasing support for new energy innovation research and development, strengthening strategic investment cooperation of new energy vehicles, and making all-out efforts to build a famous science and education city in southeast China.Ammonium-hydrogen energy is an important carrier to support the large-scale utilization of renewable energy and the development of hydrogen energy industry, as well as an important approach to energy transformation and upgrading in the new era, which is of great significance to achieve the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal.Crawford zijin hydrogen technology Co., Ltd by fuzhou university, Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials Co., Ltd., zijin mining group Co., Ltd., jointly established by fuzhou university in synthetic ammonia and ammonia – hydrogen catalytic technology advantage and rich resources of two companies, strength and broad prospects, big three,It is expected to take the initiative in the research and development and industrialization of “ammonia-hydrogen” energy.Minhou county officials said that the project will play a positive role in demonstrating and promoting the development and further agglomeration of new energy industry in Minhou County.It is hoped that Fuda Zijin Hydrogen Technology will actively fulfill the cooperation agreement, accelerate the construction of the National Engineering Research Center for ammonia Industry catalysis, and continue to deepen the strategic cooperation between the two sides in green ammonia industry, hydrogen energy industry, renewable energy industry and other “zero-carbon cycle” industrial chain.”Ammonia can be used not only as a hydrogen storage medium, but also as a relatively cheap, zero-carbon fuel.The combination of ammonia and hydrogen energy is one of the ideal development directions.Zhang Qing, general manager of Fuda Zijin Hydrogen Technology co., LTD., introduced that the main application scenarios of “ammonium-hydrogen” energy are mobile power supply, uninterrupted standby power supply, hydrogen technology for ships, heavy-duty hydrogen logistics vehicles, and hydrogenation stations.After a certain period of testing, the company will form a series of mobile distributed power products, which will be promoted to data centers, office buildings and commercial centers, replacing the traditional diesel generator and lithium battery power supply system.”Our long-term goal is to replace lithium batteries with ammonia-hydrogen energy, and our ultimate goal is to directly replace fossil fuels with ammonia-hydrogen energy.”Caorl said.Fuzhou University and Minhou County have maintained a long-term, stable and win-win cooperative relationship.This strategic cooperation is another hand in hand between Minhou County, Fuzhou University and new energy enterprises. It is also an in-depth practice of constructing a new mechanism of school-local cooperation and coordination to serve regional economic and social development. It is also the first major project ushered in by Minhou Science and innovation Corridor.”In the next step, Minhou County will further optimize the service and policy support, give full play to the role of college service specialized classes, vigorously promote the transformation of university scientific research achievements, and accelerate the construction of a famous science and education city in southeast China.We sincerely welcome more scientific research achievements of Fuzhou University Town to come into effect in Minhou County and more scientific research talents to live and work in Minhou.”Minhou County bureau of commerce related person in charge said.(Reporter Tan Xiangzhu correspondent Zhang Cunjin Su Feng Fan Zhifeng) Article source: Fuzhou news network