English chemistry professional analysis

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A, the chemical engineering history, very old British scientific research on organic chemistry major has very long history, the British royal learn organic chemistry (RSC) is an international authoritative organizations of academic research, and organic chemistry is the world’s most remote academic groups, and has a well-known in the global scope.The British Chemical Engineering major is set up to better prepare you for the role of a leader in a chemical enterprise. Therefore, the course content of chemical Engineering major is not limited to chemical plants.Instead, it established specialized courses in financial accounting, management methods, business, sales and marketing, and economic development.Three, the chemical engineering experiment, simulation enterprise operation attaches great importance to practice the students in the process of doing engineering does not just do a test, it is from market research has been gradually to the new project is profitable in the future, within how long can profit, from product research and development have been gradually to freight logistics and marketing,These are all advantages of British chemical engineering graduates.British chemical Engineering is a very popular major for local university students in The UK. Since the employment scope of students after graduation is very wide,After graduation, the trainees are suitable for petrochemical equipment, environmental protection, product quality testing, disease prevention, China Customs, pharmaceutical, fine chemical enterprises and other manufacturing, technical, administrative organs and mining enterprises engaged in applied research, scientific and technological development, production process and management.Or suitable for scientific research units and institutions engaged in scientific research and education work, or suitable for re-study applied chemistry and related courses of the master’s degree.To learn more