2022.2.22 Advanced confession sentences

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In your name, crown my family name, I love you, only willing to hold your hand, and son xielao.Things like books, I love you this sentence, would like to be a comma, stay at your feet.Dragons should be hidden in the clouds, you should be hidden in your heart.My love for you, like a tractor up the mountain, with vigour and vitality.Years for the pen, acacia into ink, between the lines are all you.I would like to be like the star jun such as the moon, every night bright streamer.You are hidden in the clouds of the moon, but also MY poor life to find the treasure.There will be no evening in my heart, with you in my heart, like early spring morning forever.I see the end of the daydream is you, from now on the day light, you are all my desire and fantasy.I am selling the sunset, you like a god generous light to me, from now on the world is lit.I set off mountains and rivers to run to you, step into the stars to visit you, I have the whole universe to tell you.Source network, delete – end –