Yan Jinghua for a family of 80 New Year singing filial piety song fu

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Zhan Jiamei 100 good filial piety first, the foundation of filial morality.The family of eighty, filial piety song moving port city.Capital a filial piety, generations of inheritance.Filial piety has its time, and business must be done speedily.Never leave your parents alone.Welcome to the new era, the prosperity of the country.Sing filial piety culture, often with compassion.Practice filial piety, happy family.Postscript: is known as the harbour city best charity, the original in lianyungang haizhou, vice chairman of CPPCC, haizhou charitable foundation’s first President YanJingHua this Spring Festival organization family relatives and friends, a total of more than eighty people chorus filial piety culture research association in lianyungang anthem the uppercase a filial piety, grand scenes, far-reaching, worked well, the reason of the poems to praise.