Winter Olympics today watch: Gu Ailing Ning Zhongyan chong gold!

2022-05-09 0 By

China’s ice and snow Team will stage several highlights at the Winter Olympics on Thursday.In the morning, Gu will compete for her second gold medal in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing.In the afternoon, Longjiang’s Ning Zhongyan will compete in the men’s 1000 meters speed skating race;In the evening, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong will compete in the short program of figure skating pairs.Gu Ailing women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final began at 9:30 p.m., this event is regarded as gu Ailing’s strongest, in the 17th qualification, she did show superior strength, two sliding scores were more than 90 points, and was the only one who got more than 90 points.Her main opponent, Estonian Sildaru, who celebrated her 20th birthday on The 17th, scored 87.50 points in the first slide in the qualifying round and gave up the second slide to secure the final.The other two Chinese finalists, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui, are also noteworthy. Li played a stunning first round qualifying game, scoring 84.75 to advance to the final in seventh place.Zhang Kexin, 19, from Harbin, who is competing in her second Winter Olympics, finished ninth in Pyeongchang and scored 86.50 points in the second qualifying race, ranking fifth going into the final.We expect zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui to surprise us.At 16:30, Ning Zhongyan from Mudanjiang will compete in men’s 1000 meters speed skating race.He failed to perform at his best in the men’s 1,500-meter race, his main event, and finished seventh.After nearly 10 days of adjustment, he will play again.The men’s 1,000m is not his main event, but he also won the event at this season’s World Cup in Canada.In addition, the Chinese athletes in the event also lian Ziwen and Xu Fu.At 18:30, the pairs figure skating competition will begin, with China’s Sui Wenjing/Han Cong and Peng Cheng/Jin Yang competing in the event.The pyeongchang Silver medalists, who have won all but one Olympic gold in recent years, will try to fulfill their dream.In addition, Peng Cheng/Jin Yang also have the strength to attack the medal.In addition, there will be two Groups of Chinese athletes competing in the first and second round of women’s double bobsled competition starting at 20 o ‘clock.Source: Heilongjiang Daily First instance: Wang Yuniu Sichao second instance: Jiang Yang third instance: Zhang Lixing