They’re all busy fixing the configuration of the car and fixing the condition of the car to see if it’s worth it

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Now we buy a car, in addition to this standard configuration, we all like to see if there are some other configurations on the car, or some uses, a lot of some configurations, in fact, seriously think about it, a lot of configurations may be useless, may be cheated do not know.Did you know the most ridiculous features on a car?Have you ever been lied to?I would say 90% of my friends have been cheated, I suggest sharing with friends around, beware of being cheated.The first is the table shows the fuel consumption, you see the car fuel consumption is really good, in fact, this is the car revelation, to create an illusion for us, make it seem very fuel-efficient, but the performance of fuel consumption and the actual fuel consumption is quite large, the general performance of 13, may be 15 or so, there are two errors.The second is the seven-seat SUV model, we all want to be very good, a young and old happy to go out for a trip, never worry about sitting down, can only say that the ideal is full, the reality is too skinny.The space in the third row is basically squat, and the space in the trunk is pitifully small, which is not comfortable or practical at all. Temporary emergency can be made up.The third is the fake leather seats, the general car will not use leather.As long as the seat is less than 400,000 cars, basically are artificial leather, only luxury cars will give you leather, if you are more than ten and two hundred thousand cars, people also tell you is leather seats, then suggest you still wake up, you think about how much money leather sofa you understand.Fourth, the false pseudo system has added a beautiful, but also to the owners of an illusion, double exhaust power will be better?When you bend over and have a look, you realize that the original is a fake.Which begs the question, how many of these fake configurations do you have on your car?