Second line luxury changtian localization or king?

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In 2021, IN the traditional luxury brand market competition, BMW successfully broke the deadlock in the first-tier luxury market and achieved “a ride to the dust”.The second-tier luxury market is also in upheaval, with Lexus taking a rare dip from its perennial perch and Cadillac taking the top spot.It is worth mentioning that the same as the United States department of luxury Lincoln increase surprisingly, which is worth pondering the reason.Affected by the global chip shortage, over the past year, various market segments have been affected by varying degrees of impact.Among them, the high-end chip higher requirements of the luxury car market, a change in the previous two years.Especially in the face of competition from new power luxury brands represented by Tesla and Nio, the growth of traditional luxury brands slowed down significantly.Even so, in the second line of traditional luxury brands, to Cadillac and Lincoln as the representative of the American brand still delivered a satisfactory answer.The former set a record in China in 18 years, ranking first in the joint venture brand segment with 233,000 new cars sold, up 1.4% year on year.The latter also accumulated sales of 92,000, year-on-year growth of 48%, growth to achieve the leader.Behind such achievements, both of them have a common point. Thanks to the brand’s continuous and deep cultivation of The Chinese market strategy, building a matrix of home-made products and strengthening the cost-effective products, they are favored by consumers.Taking Cadillac as an example, it has formed a “3+3” lineup in terms of products, comprehensively covering all mainstream segments of luxury car market, and forming strong synergies and market competitiveness.Specifically, the annual sales volume of the sedan family composed of CT4, CT5 and CT6 reached 94,600 units, up 13.6% year on year.Among them, CT5, the flagship mid-size luxury sedan, saw sales increase 37.9 percent year-on-year to 62,098 units.In addition, in the wave of electrification, SUV matrix XT4, XT5, XT6 have fully entered the “light hybrid era”, and their competitiveness with upgraded intelligent configuration is also in the forefront of the market segment.It is worth mentioning that its large pure electric SUV LYRIQ has been opened for pre-sale. As the first mass-produced model after the Otone electric vehicle platform entered China, Cadillac’s future sales performance may be even higher.Lincoln, thanks to the deepening of localization strategy, will usher in a big outbreak in 2021.With adventurer, Navigator and Aviator as the core of three domestic models, matrix brought more than 90,000 sales performance, exceeding its sales in the US market for the first time, making The Chinese market the largest market of Lincoln in the world.In addition, Lincoln released the new Zephyr sedan for the Chinese market at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, which is enough to show that Lincoln attaches great importance to the Chinese market. In 2022, Lincoln brand may usher in another wave of explosion.Did the last glory of Japanese luxury also fall?Compared with the Luxury of the United States, the once Japanese luxury in the Chinese market in 2021 is not satisfactory.Apart from the decline of infiniti and Acura, whose annual sales are less than 10,000 units, Lexus is the only glory of Japanese luxury in previous years. Lexus also lost ground in the offensive competition of American luxury, showing a decline in sales that has not been seen for many years, and lost the championship of second-line Kings.So far, Lexus has not released official sales figures.According to domestic insurance data, lexus insured 219,000 vehicles in China in 2021, down 6.8% year on year.Some analysis points out that the main reasons are the impact of the wave of core shortage, lack of production capacity leading to terminal no cars to buy, popular model orders waiting time is too long, the epidemic led to import blocked.However, the reason is that Lexus insists on selling imported models, which leads to its dependence on import policy and overseas chip supply.In addition, in the increasingly fierce market competition, auto companies accelerate innovation and constantly improve the level of intelligent technology, so that domestic consumers have more choices, and Lexus lags behind in product update speed in recent years, so the decline in sales is also a predictable event.Fortunately, Lexus clearly recognizes the importance of electric strategy. As an important force in Toyota’s electrification transformation, the whole brand plans to gradually complete the comprehensive transformation from traditional fuel models to pure electric models within ten years.Future entry into the new energy market, or help Lexus to higher market segments.All in all, the second-tier luxury brands in 2021 are very competitive.Under the new situation, the reformers represented by Cadillac and Lincoln have received due results, whether it is localization strategy or accelerating the momentum of new energy, etc.How do we expect them to fare in 2022, as the chip shortage is further resolved and competition is likely to intensify?Can Lexus pull back?