Much!!!!Li Chengwa’s painting selected as “Winter Olympics Children’s Painting National Gift”

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Underway in the Beijing 2022 Olympics is, participating countries (regions) of the members of the delegation also received a special New Year gift – “the games are TongHua country gift” is understood to be held in the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing youth painting the campaign, received all over the country more than 43000 teenagers paintings,After the expert review selection, 7500 pieces of “Winter Olympics children painting national ceremony” works, Quanzhou City Licheng Kindergarten children li Zixuan’s paintings “wonderful moments” successfully selected!The whole painting is based on light blue, with snowflakes falling slowly from the sky and a touch of Chinese red around it, just like a red passion track. Seven children from all over the world are skiing happily.In the middle of the picture is the Bird’s Nest, the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Li Zixuan, 6, is studying at Chuanchun Kindergarten in Licheng District, Quanzhou City. Drawing is her biggest interest.”Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong are cute. I like them best.”Li Zixuan told reporters that in “Wonderful Moments” this painting, he depicts the children from different countries together in the Bird’s Nest happy skiing scene, “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is coming, everyone like ice Dun Dun and snow rong-rong, gathered in the Bird’s Nest to watch the opening ceremony.Winter brings a lot of joy and it doesn’t feel cold at all.”Li Zixuan (second from left) shows her painting works. “Zixuan is a quiet child. Drawing is her hobby and she often puts her fancy ideas into her brushes.”Quanzhou City Licheng District chuanchun kindergarten teacher Wu Huayin introduction, Li Zixuan painting foundation is very good, teachers and parents encouraged her to continue to adhere to painting.Last November, Li Zixuan created the painting based on her knowledge of the Winter Olympics, and Gakuen recommended her to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Youth painting competition.”We were so excited when we got the call!”Li’s mother, Xu Chunxiang, is still very excited. She told the reporter that the teacher often shared knowledge about the Winter Olympics in the class, which inspired her child’s creation.The whole work took less than 3 hours from conception to final completion. Originally, I just held the idea that everyone should participate in the Winter Olympics, but I did not expect to be selected successfully.”We don’t know which athlete will tear down this painting, but we wish them all the best in the competition!”Xu chunxiang said her child hopes to help more people understand and love the Winter Olympics through her works.A lovely children’s paintings on behalf of the winter Olympics blessing and hope to light up everyone’s dream of ice and snow!Share the glory of the Winter Olympics, bless the Winter Olympics!Thumbs up for our house 6 year old lee Zixuan!Produced by Licheng Rong Media Center