Fishing in the wilderness, encountered thunder and lightning how to do?

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As a fisherman who goes to deep mountains and old forests for fishing N times a year, I would like to talk about my experience. First of all, I would like to talk about the principle that when fishing in barren mountains and wild mountains, when encountering thunder and lightning, we should not only consider whether to fish or not, but also have many aspects to consider.I was fishing in Beier Lake on the Border between China and Russia. I got lost on the grassland and encountered heavy rain. My car could not stop and drifted along with the rain.I was fishing in the Mordoga Rapids, and there was a storm, and my car slipped into the river, and I tied it to a tree on the bank.I was fishing in hazelridge Reservoir, and suddenly there was lightning and thunder and a tornado, and the whole outfit went down into the reservoir, not into the water.I was fishing in the semi-primitive forest of Baishan Reservoir. During the night, there was a huge rainstorm and thunder and lightning, and the tent was almost destroyed. Fortunately, I put the tent in the grass up to my shoulder in advance, instead of under the forest trees.I was fishing alone in the wild mountain gully of Shuifeng Lake. The storm was raging and half of my equipment was lost. Boulders rolled down in the early morning..1, to the wilderness fishing, resident is very important, first of all to a safe place to pitch a tent, do not go to rotting wood, there may be falling rocks, heavy rain may be washed the gully tent.2. If there is a wildlife risk, camp in your car or in a safe place and keep fire open. I have encountered wild boar.So I go fishing in remote mountains and forests, always with axes, iron bars, to prepare bandages, really in distress, to ensure that these appliances are not easy to fall off.Thunderstorm stay well, don’t fish.4. Keep fire at night under the premise of ensuring fire safety.5, commonly used drugs with.Have a puppy dog, take the puppy dog to go together.Prepare in advance, there is nothing to be afraid of, usually watch more criminal investigation dramas, horror dramas to practice courage.