During the Winter Olympics, Shijiazhuang 44th Middle School carried out skating experience and volunteer service activities

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On February 15, 2022, students from grade 1 and grade 2 of Shijiazhuang no. 44 Middle School came to the Shijiazhuang Ice Skating Center for ice skating experience and volunteer service activities, in strict compliance with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control.Shijiazhuang ice Rink is an indoor ice rink with an area of more than 1800 square meters, which not only has the conditions for ice hockey, figure skating and other competitions, but also is a new ice and snow sports venue for citizens’ fitness.As soon as the students entered the venue, they were very excited. They took off their thick down jackets, chose skates and wore protective gear. Everyone was eager to try.The school invited two professional coaches from the skating hall to practice “the first lesson on ice” for the students. The coach demonstrated actions while explaining in detail the essentials of beginners’ postures such as “V” standing on ice and leaning forward. The students lined up and watched the teacher’s actions carefully, mimicking them a little and trying.Until the free trip, they encouraged each other help, exchange of bing xin, on some bold painting “gourd” forcibly with open arms, or feet parallel to stabilize slowly, some can smoothly slide along the ice outer lane circular, 2 Cao Yuwen classmates think skating also need brain, each step one step, all want to know where is the center of gravity,Only left and right leg center of gravity back and forth alternately, the body leaning forward, can ensure not to fall and stride forward.Many students said that through this activity, not only learned to skate, experience the happiness of ice sports;Also feel like The Chinese figure skating men’s single Jin Boyang players, these athletes are hard to win gold and silver;More feel their love for sports!Shijiazhuang TV during the activity, the attention of the people’s livelihood “interviewed some teachers and students in our school, 2110 class Wang Zehao students share their skating feeling generous,” I feel is a step to slip on the ice “, bing-bing zhang 2117 classmates laughed and explain their sliding faster, says this is his fell for three days, fell out of the technology,Wang Shuohan from Class 2114 also expressed his admiration for the athletes in the Winter Olympics.Ma Yan, director of education Department, also accepted the interview. He said, “Today we come to experience skating, just to let students feel the hard-won achievements of athletes, learn the spirit of struggle and sportsmanship of athletes, and work together for the Winter Olympics!”After the ice skating experience, the students began to clean the skating area in groups and areas, cleaning the dust in the shoe changing area, picking up garbage on the audience stage, cleaning the glass in the partition area, cleaning the vending machines in the rest area, etc. After about half an hour’s effort, the glass, ground and everything in the venue were clean.Zhang Youyou, a second grader, felt that this volunteer service was a way to express her gratitude to the teachers who organized the activity and the skating coaches who guided her carefully.Liu Hanyu also realized the hard work of the cleaning staff. “In the future, I will pay more attention to my every move and form a good habit of keeping clean in public places.”Heaven and earth white, all things spring.In the end, all the teachers and students took a group photo on the white and smooth ice. They held up banners and cheered “Shijiazhuang no. 44 Middle School for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, together to the future!”I wish the 24th Winter Olympic Games a complete success. I hope that the light of the Olympic spirit will shine brightly together with snow and ice.Review: Jin Qinglong, Ma Yan, Hao Leiyan, Zhao Huiyan