8 treasure rice, hot ginger soup…Special “New Year’s Eve dinner” warmed health workers

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, Xian Lin street shao Guoliang husband and wife together in the kitchen busy.Eight dried fruits, such as red dates, almonds and melon seeds, are steamed together with glutinous rice to make the soft and waxy eight-treasure rice fresh from the oven.This sweet heart is for a special group of people.It turned out that these colorful eight-treasure rice and steaming ginger tea were given to the watchmen of xianlin Street precise intelligence control special class.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have been on duty 24 hours a day, making phone calls, doing streaming and precise coding.Even on New Year’s Eve, everyone chose to forgo the reunion and spend it at work.Villagers sent “New Year’s Eve dinner”, warm everyone’s heart.”The villagers are so sweet and warm!I hope we can protect yuhang residents’ safety and have a good New Year.”Xianlin Street epidemic prevention and control precision intelligent control special class staff Ye Fantao said.