Xiong Lei: The year of the Tiger is six and six.Net friend: less your father more a little man

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Xiong Lei: The year of the Tiger is six and six.Today, I saw a small video posted by Xiong Lei. It turned out to be her family hosting guests.Compared with the four tables tian hosted, Xiong lei hosted fewer guests, probably upstairs in a smaller country yard.Or maybe there weren’t enough guests to get four tables.On the only table, there were aunt Du, Guo Erbo, Mother Xiong, an old man and a young man.That old man doesn’t look like Father Bear. I wonder who the little man is.Aunt Du and Guo Erbo, as always, used red bowls and white chopsticks, and eagle-eyed netizens found that they were similar to the bowls and chopsticks given to Yao Ce.For this reason, some netizens said that Du claimed to be a liver cancer patient, and she had young people and children at home.Xiong lei’s video screen shows the sixth day of the year of the Tiger, and all is well.After watching the video posted by Xiong Lei, some netizens said, “Your father is less than a little man.”Yes, since Du Aunt and Guo Erbo arrived in Jingdezhen New Year’s Day, Xiong Lei’s father seems to have only once, is to let Kai Kai kowtow to him New Year’s greetings send red envelopes that time.It is said that on that occasion, Xiong lei’s father quarreled with Du, blaming them for bringing Guo Ce to Beijing for peace, and blaming Du for not keeping her word and promising guo Ce a guarantee that is still an empty promise.Aunt Du, who is a well-informed person, then said that his in-laws are happy, do not know what he said.However, Guo erbo could not hold it in his heart. At the in-laws’ house, he was tongue-tied and speechless under intense questioning. It was too embarrassing.Therefore, in Aunt Du’s live broadcast room, Guo Erbo cried red eyes.Xiong Lei entertained guests, but her father did not show up. So, who was the little man present?I thought, no matter who is normal!After all, Guo Ce has died young, after all, now is the new society, after all, Du Aunt said before let Xiong Lei find a good man to marry the words.At such a young age, no one would support Xiong Lei as an orphan and widowed mother for a lifetime.What do you say, friend?