We should foster a sense of innovation and solve the problem that primary-level Party organizations have a simple way of serving the people and lack vitality

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Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for grassroots Party organizations to play a good service role.But at present, some grassroots Party organizations cannot adapt to economic and social changes, lack the spirit of initiative and innovation, and lack of methods to build service-oriented Party organizations.In light of the new situation, new tasks and new requirements facing Party building, we should make great efforts to improve the Party’s leadership system, working mechanism, and service system at the community level, further promote standardization, and form an institutional system for accelerating the building of service-oriented Party organizations.Around puzzles stresses the innovation, the good service to the masses should be resolved and leading the development of hide not to open, but problems and contradictions, innovative service mode, improve service vitality, forming a batch of pragmatic innovation with regional characteristics and service brand and service carrier, make the construction of service-oriented party always keep vigorous vitality.We need to deepen and expand methods of democratic assessment and adjustment of Party organization secretaries, and form an adjustment mechanism that allows the survival of the fittest to survive. We need to ensure that we serve the people with passion and punish those who are idle and idle.At the same time, we should take the construction of grassroots service-oriented Party organizations as an important part of the assessment of “three-level joint innovation”, and constantly play the guiding role of assessment and evaluation.Building a service-oriented party organization at the grassroots level is a systematic project. We must put learning first, service as the soul, innovation as the foundation, maximize the benefits of serving the people, expand and strengthen the organizational foundation of the Party’s governance.In order to study the concrete measures of building grassroots service-oriented Party organizations, we must combine learning, service and innovation organically.Among them, learning is the basis and premise to improve the service level of grassroots party organizations, service is the core and key to change the governance mode of grassroots party organizations, and innovation is the power and source to improve the service mechanism of grassroots party organizations.To build a service-oriented Party organization is to take learning as the foundation, service as the core, innovation as the driving force, establish the “three kinds of consciousness”, solve the “three kinds of problems”, improve the level of service for the people, and always maintain the Close ties between the Party and the people.