The end of “The Beginning” is more happy than the end of the cycle, Lao Jiao gets 30,000 yuan bonus

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The ending of the Beginning, although the story was a bit far-fetched, suddenly felt quite good when Lao Jiao finally became the hero of the good deed and got a bonus of 30,000 yuan.Big happy ending, Li Shiqing found the real murderer who killed Wang Mengmeng.Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong give up detonating the bomb, they choose to live, they want to watch the bad guy punished.On the last loop, route 45 didn’t explode, and everyone survived.The cycle of Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun is also over, and the two of them become a real couple, as the audience expects.The other passengers on the bus also became heroes of good samaritans, and each of them received a prize of 30,000 yuan.Everyone on the No. 45 bus has a problem.After experiencing this matter, everyone’s heart knot also opened.For example, lu Di, a two-dimensional boy, was not recognized by his parents.Parents of his love has become an invisible shackles, let him want to escape, but can not escape.In the finale, Lu Di’s parents bought him a hairless cat and his father dressed up as a character from Naruto to celebrate his birthday with him.Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the sign behind the Loudi family had the full name of “Lou, Apostle of cats, Asthmatic Terminator, Chosen by the Light,” on it.The carefulness of the midday sun is really admirable!Uncle watermelon farmers carrying his bag of watermelon to find his son’s unit, not seen for a long time father and son excitedly embrace together.Then they gave the watermelon to colleagues to eat, we are also happy, melon farmer uncle laugh old happy.As for live-streaming brother, he has become an Internet celebrity and continues his live-streaming life with his own team.I believe that after this event, live brother’s fans must rise a lot.But Yao Yi and bodybuilding man continue their own life, ordinary but peaceful, stable.Among them, Lao Jiao is the one people care most about.Although the people on the bus have their own difficulties, but compared with the old coke, they are also happy.Lao Jiao had no job, no place to live, no money and only debt.He had a daughter to feed, and even had to pick up the sanitary napkins her daughter used.Lao Jiao wants to be the hero of the good deed, not how noble he is, but he knows that good deed has a reward.Lao Jiao is not greedy for money; he just really needs it.So at the end of the series, I believe many viewers were very happy when they heard that the bonus was 30,000 yuan.Everyone knows that Lao Jiao can finally buy an electric car this time. He has a job and earns money so that he can pay for his daughter’s tuition.There was hope in Lao Jiao’s life again.Looking at Lao Jiao riding the electric bike, facing the wind, laughing so hard that he couldn’t even close his mouth, I really felt very happy, happier than the end of the cycle.The Beginning is a sci-fi, suspenseful story with a subplot featuring many small characters in urban life, including Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong.In its portrayal of the little guys, “The Beginning” captures everyone in detail and tells a story that resonates with the audience.In fact, when we look back at the Beginning, we will find that it is a social story.It’s just that the addition of sci-fi elements like “loops” makes the show seem even more mysterious.Look carefully at the beginning of the play, the first is the city, followed by science fiction, suspense.That is to say, the focus of the play is on people’s life in the city, including interpersonal communication, family communication and so on.As for the infinite loop, that’s just an ornament on the show.Loops are unreal, they don’t exist, but a lot of the stories in The Beginning are real.Such as sex on the bus, when girls meet such people or things how to deal with.There are network keyboard chivalry gossip, how the parties should face and so on.So what’s really good about The Beginning isn’t that it’s suspenseful, it’s that it’s real, and that’s what makes the Beginning so laudable.In this way, the final happy ending is also the scriptwriter’s expectation of real life, hoping that everyone will live a yearning life!# New Year’s Diary #