Pure electric intercity coupe Chevrolet chang Patrol replacement discounts up to 22,000

2022-05-08 0 By

Welcome New Year, enjoy great benefits!Hanyang Chevrolet drops to the bottom, not to be missed!Network VIP line: 17092704592 This shop Chevrolet chang Patrol replacement discount up to 22,000, now car sales, color optional, car gift package, cash discount, get soft!More surprises await you at the store.One: when entering the store, test drive customers will be given a Chevrolet custom mask;Two: through the network channel to buy a successful car value of 9998 yuan gift package;Iii: Enjoy 200-400 yuan member points for car purchase, which can be used for MyChevy to exchange vehicle, life and electronic products;Four: provide 0 down payment car, a variety of interest-free loan programs, simple mortgage procedures, easy to buy a car.Also can win Ipone13, sweeping robot gift;Five: high-priced recycled second-hand cars, free evaluation, professional replacement can enjoy 3000-13000 yuan replacement subsidy or one Ipone13ProMAX mobile phone;Net sales customer special benefits: with 400 call records or inquiry messages, can enjoy net sales exclusive gift package and exclusive price concessions.Call the hotline or click on the “inquiry” below to enjoy the price!Welcome to the shop consultation purchase, address: Hanyang District Longyang Avenue 92 Chevrolet 4S shop (Metro Line 3 Tao Jialing C2).The event will run from February 9, 2022 to February 11, 2022