Plain, high aesthetic

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Zhuang Zi said, “Simplicity is the only thing under heaven that can compete with beauty.”Simplicity is the ultimate beauty.For example, a white lotus, clear and clean in the water, not a trace of dust, elegant and noble, than thousands of colorful.So the ancients said: “light pole only know flower more yan, flower to no yan only say absolutely.”Avenue to Jane, three thousand prosperous, plain.Through the noisy and flashy world, just understand the value of ordinary life long;Taste all over the world, to know the world’s most delicious, is light pleasure.01 Simplicity, the highest aesthetic.Park, is the raw wood;Plain is white silk without dye.Simplicity is the beginning of solitude, and simplicity is the constant realization of brightness and joy in subtraction.The so-called simplicity is a simple, natural, primitive and clear beauty.Cloth clothes, humble house is simple;Coarse tea, rice is also simple;Mountain quiet, heart empty, is plain;Late at night, peace of mind, is also plain.A round of autumn moon, a plain clothes, aiming to keep Park, keep element Quanzhen.The traditional literati are pursuing the aesthetic of “simplicity” intentionally or unintentionally.Bai Juyi’s Cottage on Lushan Was mostly wood but not Dan.Just the walls, not the white.Masonry steps with stone, power window paper, bamboo curtain, rate is yan “, very simple.It is easier to immerse yourself in the deep spiritual world and not be disturbed by the material world.Ever met teahouse, with the color of snow moon daub wall, with shore Yin mountain weak light enveloped window.Drinking tea and chatting here, unconsciously, the time has passed more than half.In silent place to listen to the thunder, in the colorless flowers, this may be the highest aesthetic realm.All the daily troubles, stay in a simple wash fade away.02 simple, is a person’s prosperity.It is said in Zhuangzi · The Way of Heaven that “the world cannot compete with the simplicity of beauty.”In fact, there is no need to compete for beauty.The beauty of the world, mostly from a simple, simple heart.In this heart, contains the vast sea and sky, lofty mountains, also contains flowers like brocade, stand aloof from worldly affairs.Zhuangzi said, “Be perfectly indifferent in rice while all the beauties follow it” is the way of nourishing the gods and the way of heaven and earth.Simple light, not simple, but simple, natural.The pursuit of the most authentic self, the pursuit of their deepest feelings, seemingly wind light cloud light, in fact, contains thousands of.Not impetuous, not tangled, in the seemingly simple, find the heart of the most real prosperity, indifferent, quiet, stable.Like a clear pool, clear and soothing, no need to say more, as long as stop the heart of the wind, calm enough.Before her death, Yang jiang was most afraid of fame and wealth. Her home in Sanlihe, Beijing, still maintained the appearance of thirty years ago, with plain plastered walls, cement floors and old furniture, and lived a very simple life.She donated all her property to the Nankai University Education Foundation to continue to support the study of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture.And she herself, holding a simple and sincere heart of Chinese classical culture, spoony adherence.Simple, is a person’s prosperity.”The orchid is yi yi, swirl its fragrance”, the heart is pure quality hua, such as the faint fragrance of orchid, is the true gentleman’s demeanor.Poor without flattering, rich without pride, clear and transparent, amiable and close, and respectable.To be a man, keep a simple heart.Nan Huaijin said: “Three thousand years of history, nothing but fame and wealth;Ninety thousand miles of enlightenment, finally poetry wine pastoral.”The so-called simple heart, as the original mind.It is the process of consciously pursuing the starting point of the unconscious and returning to the way of finding the truth when we go through the ups and downs of life.Tao Yuanming did not bow to the “five meters”, resigned from officialdom, retired to the countryside, “pick chrysanthemum southeast, leisurely see nanshan”.Far away from the worldly cages, indifferent to fame and wealth, light look at honor and disgrace, laugh at life.He understood the truth of life, indifferent to the world, indifferent to people, with a simple heart to deal with the world.In the midst of prosperity, a simple heart is especially valuable.Because it is natural, unadorned, essential.”Walking alone, I wish I could walk alone.” Even if I walk alone, I must stick to my true heart.No matter how the external material world changes, no matter how poor or rich, they can cook a cup of tea for themselves, read a book, listen to a gust of wind, watch a snow fall because of their determination to stick to it.Even if the world’s smoke, but also not by the common dust, even if see the truth of the world, but also love life.This is after the vicissitudes of life, the heart still warm and determined.After all this, the heart is still calm and indifferent.Simple heart, its own fragrance.The author Lin Qingxuan likes to buy flowers very much. Once, he heard from a florist that almost all white flowers in nature are fragrant, but those with bright colors are not so fragrant.So the florist said, “It is the same with people. The more simple and simple they are, the more fragrant they are.”When we are young, we may be obsessed with cool and showy things, but when we look at people, we realize that sometimes simplicity is the best way to live.Simple, when a person’s soul.Tao Te Ching says, “Man rules the earth, the earth rules the heaven, the heaven rules the Tao, and the Tao rules the nature.”The highest state of a man, whether in action or conduct, is nothing but as simple as nature — natural.Plain, elegant and generous, such as water out of hibiscus, natural to carve;Mountain chrysanthemum, quietly elegant simple clean, such as clear mountain spring, babbling flowing.This simplicity is endowed by natural things, because it does not protrude from the process of life category, behind it is still the solid natural growth, maturity, wither and reincarnation.Do not make public, not high-profile, just quietly present things the most simple beauty.Some good scenery, wordless, but can slowly moisten the heart.Simple heart, own fragrance.