No word selection, four key typing input program software evaluation

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Why should you use small crane sound shape small crane sound shape is a let you do not have to choose the word word input method, support Windows and Android, four code screen, word type word, no word single.The word input mode is I want to input what I will be sure to type what input mode small crane sound shape brings you the biggest advantage is that you do not need to choose the word, the vast majority of common words four key screen.Yes, you hit four keys and you can type any word you want. You don’t have to flip through pages to choose a word.That’s how the little crane gives you a typing boost.This alone is reason enough for you to learn the crane.Another advantage of rare characters is that the small crane shape allows you to always type.Sometimes we don’t know how to pronounce some rare characters, but we know how to write them.Then you can just use the crane and still get the word out.For example, in the word “Ben,” we probably don’t know how to pronounce the rare characters.Then you can type the word “nn” in the small crane shape.Play the same without sound.That’s what the small crane shape does for you — it lets you always type.Whether full or double, you forget the pinyin you can’t play.The small crane shape gives you more possibilities, so that you can always type the word out.After all, we type with input schemes in order to type words out.A black or white cat is a good cat as long as it can catch mice.The four-key small crane tone shape is less than double play, and less than full play.Single word small crane sound shape can be basically knocked out in one, two and three keys.And two words or above, small crane sound shape only need four keys at most, and double spelling should use five keys seven keys nine (respectively refers to two or three or four words).A lot of people think that they are just fine with the whole thing or the double thing and don’t need to change.As a matter of fact, the pinyin scheme produces words, phrases and whole sentences and other input methods to avoid the inconvenience of too many homophones due to too many homophones, and even produces the so-called intelligent input method based on automatic program matching.This kind of intelligent input method requires you to keep a vocabulary and is easy to type wrong words.And the small crane shape of the shape of the code scheme, is based on typing words non – intelligent input scheme.Based on a single word, where to hit where, want to hit what.You don’t have to rely on input methods, you just have to rely on yourself.It takes you a week to master it, and then you live with it.Learning is as valuable an investment as a degree.The single-word coding of the small crane is the first two codes double spelling and the second two codes double spelling (crane). The double spelling is the more famous small crane double spelling. The role of crane is to separate homophone words, accurate to the word.The small crane shape is a high or low input scheme. The universal key allows you to descend into double play or just double play.A word, with sound shape, four code on the screen;If you do not understand form, you use the universal key, reduced to small crane double fight;If you forget the pronunciation, you can just use the crane.Let me give you an example.Xing, xing, XK, KP, XKKP.If you master the small crane sound shape, you can use the sound shape type, four code screen, do not have to choose words.If you forget the pronunciation, but remember the font, you can use KP.If you forget the type, you double xk.Small crane double spell with two keys can hit the phonetic finals, two keys to hit all Chinese characters, simplify the trouble of full spelling typing.But double spellings simply simplify the number of keystrokes in full spellings, and still require word selection.For those who don’t want to choose a word, you need to advance to “little Crane sound shape”.Type enough 500 words can master the small crane sound shape!Small crane Yin shape, whether double or crane shape is regular, based on pinyin and word structure derived from the input scheme.All changes are inseparable from their roots.I went through a lot of crooked road, summed up the following learning route.Double spell and crane synchronous learning, two carriages in step.Learn double and crane at the same time.There’s a poem to help you memorize.By understanding the poem, you can understand the key position of the double spelling.QiuWeiRuanT_ue_veYunU_shuI_chiSong_iongDaiFenGengHangJ_an Autumn Driving-moon cloud comb wing pineFast warbler two wang play summer frog skimming grass chasing fish shorebird sleeping crane crane shape key is the principle of pictographic similarity.You just need to combine the following root key map, understand the example word here, you will be familiar with the crane root.You can type in a small crane voice.Finally, complete the above two steps, you can basically master the crane sound shape.You don’t need to read arcane rules, which will only make you feel overwhelmed and bogged down.These will come to you slowly and naturally later on.After that, you changed your input method into small crane sound shape, except for the necessary work and study, in the daily requirements of their use of small crane sound shape typing, as long as their own dozen enough 500 words, is their own independent dozen enough 500 words, with sound shape dozen, no word check.That is, the master.If you want to get the hang of the crane, you need to know the rules of the crane and the following table so that you can fly with your fingertips more skillfully and efficiently.Words full code two words first two words + last two words first two words + last two words first two words input method URfa four words first two words + last words first three words + last words first three words + last words first two wordsIt is even common to see advice to persuade others that full or double is enough.In fact, suggestions should be made by people who have used full, double, and other input schemes, because they have been exposed and understood to know what is good and what is not.If you want to learn the input scheme that is helpful to you, and the user of full spell tells you full spell, it will be full spell;Double play users tell you, double play is enough, but also bother to learn what.Do you feel like there’s something wrong.There’s a better input scheme that you want to learn.As a user of Xiaoheyinxing, I see many people stop at double spelling, and maybe some people can’t stand the trouble of choosing a word, so I write this article, hoping to let them know that there is a word selection, four-key typing input scheme in the world.Let them know that they have other options that might be better for them.