Communication Hall | “Flying Tiger Brothers” on Hodge Line

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“No. 3 get on the bus and start pulling it out.””Yes.”On jingbian east marshalling yard, Hou Jiaxing and Wang Jianguo are implementing the joint control operation of shunting vehicles.Jingbian East Station is one of the busiest stations on the Haoji Railway. It is the largest marshalling yard for the railway’s 10,000-ton trains, where coal from Inner Mongolia and northern Shaanxi will be assembled into 10,000-ton trains roaring south.Wang Jiaxing, 24, and Hou Jiaxing, 23, are a pair of mentors on the site.The two brothers are responsible for organizing, disassembling and reorganizing 10,000-ton trains. Every day, they organize about 500 coal transport trains. Most of their time is either climbing on the running vehicles, or running under the vehicles, climbing up and jumping down, and they are affectionately known as the “flying tiger brothers” in the marshalling field.In January, the Haoji Railway opened an additional 10,000-ton train, consisting of 105 coal trucks, with a total length of 1,350 meters and a maximum transport capacity of 8,400 tons in a single trip, double the previous number.During the Spring Festival travel rush, as coal supply and demand increased, so did their trucking operations, and the brothers worked more closely together.”Before one pass, after two passes, three air ducts and four hooks”, the two brothers have to repeat the process more than 40 times a day, walking about 25 kilometers and climbing up and down hundreds of times.In order to ensure a long distance observation, confirm the signal, inform the driver to control the speed in time, and connect safely during the operation, they would hang themselves on the car, and each train would hang in the same position for 30 minutes. After a shift, the brothers would hang on the car body like this for nearly 6 hours.”At the beginning of the work will be afraid, palpitated, later adapted to feel that their arm strength has been trained out, while pickpockets while joint control is easy.”Hou jiaxing’s face was full of pride.The driving work is interlinked. The slow adjustment operation will affect the operation of receiving and departing trains, resulting in late train arrangement and departure, and affecting the smooth flow of the whole station.In order to ensure the smooth operation of shunting, they need to check and test the operating equipment, vehicles and lines before marshalling to ensure that all data indicators meet shunting conditions.”Stop – start – connect – push…”Wang Jianguo carried out the pre-operation test of wireless adjusting vehicle light display equipment, while Hou Jiaxing directed the adjusting machine to connect vehicles, connect air ducts and remove anti-slip.Despite the night outside temperatures reaching minus 25 degrees Celsius, the brothers kept busy in and out of the car.”We work in three shifts, and one shift needs to train four to five 10,000 tons of trains. During the Spring Festival travel rush, we train six to seven trains every day.””Wang said.Jingbian East Railway Station is not only responsible for the coal transport of the Haoji Railway, but also for part of the detour transport of baoxi Line and the new line.Coal trains come and go every day, like people from all over the marshalling yard waiting to be organized.It is because of a flying tiger team like Wang And Hou jiaxing, the vehicles filled with coal were grouped together to form a 10,000-ton “dragon”, which allowed the coal from Inner Mongolia and northern Shaanxi to be transported to the south thousands of miles away more and more quickly.China Traffic Broadcast: Gao Ya correspondent: Yu Jing