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To protect minors’ physical and mental health, such as comprehensive management campus and the surrounding, the network platform for minors without bottom line marketing scatological food phenomenon, recently, the market supervision administration and the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued by the implementation of minors without bottom line oriented marketing food special administrative work notice “(hereinafter referred to as the” notice “).The circular requires that the main responsibility of food producers and operators be fully implemented.Urge the campus and surrounding food operators to carry out a comprehensive self-inspection, strictly prohibit the purchase, storage and sale of packaging or label identification of pornography, violence, bad form of inducing or content harm the physical and mental health of minors food, once found immediately off the shelf processing.E-commerce platforms are required to fulfill the qualification verification and registration obligations of operators entering the network, focus on the monitoring and examination of bottom-line marketing terms and behaviors, clean up relevant promotional terms and illegal advertisements in a timely manner, and report the handling to local market regulatory authorities.According to the circular, registration, daily supervision, law enforcement inspection and credit supervision should be used to jointly punish illegal acts of bottomless marketing to minors, and illegal acts in food safety, unfair competition, advertising, trademarks and e-commerce should be severely punished.All cases of serious law-breaking and trust-breaking shall be included in the list of serious law-breaking and trust-breaking, and all suspected crimes shall be investigated and dealt with by public security organs.The circular stressed the need to strengthen propaganda, education and ideological guidance for young people.Schools should strengthen education and publicity for all students, advocate students to develop healthy eating habits and consumption concepts, improve the ability of minors to consciously identify and resist bottomless marketing of food, and develop a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.