2-4!Harland looked somber as the Bundesliga lost second to the SPL team in a super upset in the Europa League

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The first leg of the Europa League knockout round play-off kicks off on February 18: Dortmund VS Rangers.In the first half, Tavernier scored a penalty and Morelos scored;In the second half, Lundstrang scored, Bellingham pulled one back, Zagadu own goal, Guerrero scored.In the end, Dort lost 4-2 to Rangers.The vast majority of fans expected Dott to win easily.Unexpectedly, they were beaten into a sieve.The game 37 minutes, dot players inside the penalty area handball, Tavernier penalty hit.Morelos scored in the 40th minute.In the 48th minute, Rostrang scored.In the 50th minute, Bellingham scored.The 54 th minute, the wanderer comeback, Zagadu dodging not own goal.In the 82nd minute, guerrero world wave.After that, both teams attacked and defended each other, but neither team scored again.Rangers beat Dortshire 4-2 in a super upset.The second leg between the two sides will be played on February 25.Rangers, the SPL giants, are currently second in the table.Dortmund, second in the Bundesliga.They’re both middle boys, so they’re pretty much the same, right?One SPL and one Bundesliga are different.But?Rangers were more of a Bundesliga side this game, while Dortmund were a SPL side.In fact, Dortmund recently crashed 5-2 against Bayer Leverkusen.Harland, still sidelined by injury, watched from the stands.When he saw the team lost by a large margin, his face was very solemn, unlike the beginning of the relaxed.Perhaps, Harland is thinking: this team, Xia window must go.Otherwise, what a waste of youth.Dott starters: 1- Kerber, 15- Hummels, 16- Akanji, 13- Guerrero, 5- Zagadu, 8- Dahoud, 28- Witsel, 22- Bellingham, 21- Mullen, 19- Brandt, 11- Royce Rovers starters:1- McGregor, 31- Barisic, 3- Bashi, 6- Golson, 2- Tavernier, 4- Lundstram, 8- Jack, 17- Aliber, 37- Arfield, 14- Kent, 20- Morelos