Story I make up 15: the romantic encounter between the number one scholar and the palace maid

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The house is gold and the cage is jade.Cars like running water and horses like dragons.Liu Lang has hated pengshan far, more pengshan tens of thousands of heavy.– Song Qi “Xiao Song!This shout, like a yellow warbler out of the valley, the sounds of nature suddenly come, so that Song Qi could not help but raise his head, look at the sound.Numerous street, main street, the royal carriages were still in the meandering flow like flying, as the world’s leading to class and within the officer had gone by, right LuanJia has gone by, a prince, in the book, a council, XuanHui dries the mainest mission has gone by, at present is through the harem concubines, princesses FengNian palace.Dressed in hifted goi guards 楇 zhou around, majestic, also in the calm ban wai line.Song Qi saw a magnificent palace cart with a carved saddle painted on it. A beautiful palace maid of the right age was gazing at him affectionately with a bead and jade embroidery curtain lifted.Song Qi and her eyes contact at the moment, clearly see her beautiful eyes have a kind of burning passion, like a torch fierce once in his heart burned a mark.The maid was about sixteen or seventeen years of age, with bright eyes, skin as beautiful as snow, and an indelible vitality that radiated from the inside out.She saw Song Qi looked up at her, can not help but smile, more Dan lips outside lang, hao teeth inside fresh, there is an indescribable look of beauty.That woman double pupil cut water, glam, qianchi xi, meimeipanxi, straight song Qi see dumbstruck leng in situ, the heart should be her this smile to smile drunk, smile changed.Song Qi wanted to take another look, but the cart had already passed him by, and the maid had already lowered the curtain.Song Qi was left with a low silvery laugh.Song Qi some involuntarily, lifted his legs to chase the car, but the mind suddenly returned to taste, this is the emperor just swim view back to the palace of the team, so he rushed forward, is to get in trouble.Song Qi ran after the figure of the palace car, which had been out of sight for a long time, recalling the woman’s bright and unsquare smile, but he could not stop his heart fluttering and could not calm down for a long time.He did not recover until the royal motorcade had all gone, and when a passer-by bumped into him, he realized that he was still standing in the Propagation Street, but the traffic had returned to its usual state of heavy traffic.Song Qi shook his head, trying to shake the maid’s smile out of his mind.But the more he shook his head, the more the woman’s face and voice took root in him.Song Qi could not help but smile sadly, some of the self-deprecating thought: he was originally the number one scholar in the examination, how to let a maid laugh to make it out of one’s mind?Song Qi was to attend the banquet of colleagues in Dali Temple today, and he is ready to go home just now.Song Qi remembered that he had been courted and fawned over by his colleagues at the banquet, and that he had been in high spirits and beaming with joy at the banquet. This would seem to be a bit like another world — song Qi could only think of the “little Song” and the maid’s smile.Song!?Since she knows I am small song, it is also natural to know that I have a big brother Song, I think she will not not know my brother and I “two Top scholars” story.It seems that even though I was deprived of the title by the empress Dowager and gave it to my elder brother, people all over the world still prefer me to be the true Number one “Xiao Song”.She calls me Xiao Song!?Does she have a crush on me?He must have admired my talent.It is said that a genius deserves a beauty, and a genius as well known as me should match such a beauty.A few years ago, when I was selected as a jinshi, although empress Dowager Zhang Xian moved my rank from no.1 to 10th, there were more ladies who wanted to marry me.Just, oneself have not met really match heart.Now I come to think of the women I have met before, compared with this court maid, they are really fat and vulgar powder, without any color.The real beauties of the world, it seems, are in the palace.How beautiful she is when she smiles!I used to read Li Yannian’s Song of Beautiful Women: “There are beautiful women in the north, who are unique and independent.Rather do not know leaning city and leaning country, beauty is difficult to get again.”Always think is exaggerated, is to render a rendering, he also secretly laughed at Li Yannian, this world where there is a gu Qing, gu Qing country woman again?But they clearly met today!A woman who overlooks a city and then a kingdom thinks she is just like her.Song Qi also thought of Cao Zhi’s “Luo Shen Fu”, although regret did not see the beauty of the whole body, I do not know whether she has “if jing Hong, wan if you dragon” posture, but “jiao if the sun rises zhaoxia, burning if hibiscus out lubo” writing is not her?She looked at me that one, is not “turn the Air Flow essence, smooth jade yan” it?Also do not know her to my beaming smile, will “hua Rong graceful, let me forget dinner”?I hope THAT I will not “think of continuous and increased admiration, night geng geng and do not sleep” just good!Song Qi is like lost soul general, deep one foot shallow one foot drive home.When he got back to his house, he could not think of anything but the brilliant maid’s “little Song” and her beaming smile, which he could not forget.He was very helpless, he wanted to take out the book to read, he first took out a book of Rites, but read for a long time, a word can not read in.He thought it would be better to change a book, and conveniently took a book of Poems of Li Yishan, turned over two pages, and saw the song “untitled · last night stars last night wind” : last night stars last night wind, painting west bank GUI Tangdong.The body has no colourful feng wings, mind acts upon mind.Across the hook spring wine warm, cao shot complex wax lamp red.I listen to the drum should go to the officer, malantai class turn peng.Read Li Shangyin this sentence “the body has no colorful phoenix wings, mind acts upon mind”, Song Qi’s thoughts again floated away: and she looked at that one eye, I and her two hearts are clearly connected, I really see the affection from her eyes, think she also understand my mind to her.Unfortunately, we are not phoenix, no wings, I can not fly to her side, she can not fly to my side, we can not do wing to wing.Could she be thinking of me, like me, right now?She must be thinking about me, too.Why else would she call me?Why is she smiling at me?Will she miss me like I miss her?I guess that’s what it looks like.Otherwise, she looked at me that one why would there be so hot feelings?Song Qi’s heart gradually some anxious, and casually turned over a few pages of “Li Yishan poems”, want to let his heart calm down.This time, he turned to or a “untitled” : to empty words to absolutely trace, the moon inclined upstairs five clock.Dreams cry for parting, books are urged into ink not thick.Wax according to half cage gold jade, musk deer smoked micro embroidery hibiscus.Liu Lang has hated pengshan far, more pengshan ten thousand heavy!Song Qi sighed, to Li Shangyin immediately rise the sense of bosom friend.I thought that Li Shangyin was really a man who knew the pain of parting and missing, but after all, he had a sentimental past. What was his greeting, a glance at each other and a smile?The lady in the palace was one of the emperor’s servants. Although she lived at the feet of the emperor, how could she enter the palace itself?Will I ever see her again in my life?Thinking of this, Song Qi felt sad and suddenly envied Li Shangyin.Li Shangyin missed that person, although “come is empty words to go absolutely trace”, after all, empty words are also words!I song Qi and that beautiful woman, but also may have more a word of fate?If I could write to her, it would be good to write to her.He Li Shangyin and his missing people, although separated by pengshan ten thousand weight, but after all only ten thousand weight.I and that beautiful woman in the palace, pour all live in this bianjing imperial city, how near the world, we lie between also do not know to have a few ten thousand weight!Song Qi dared not read the poems of Li Yishan any longer, so he replaced them with a book of Taiping Guang Ji.This “Taiping Guang Ji” is a non-fiction novel, just published a few decades ago, mostly six dynasties, legends of the Tang Dynasty, is the grandfather of the son of heaven ordered to compile.Song Qi usually did not read this book, at this time is really confused, as a pastime.Turning over, turned to Liu Yiqing’s “You Ming Lu”.Song Qi just remembered, the original Li Shangyin said “Liu Lang has hated pengshan far” is such a story: The Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Chen, and fellow ruan Zhao into the rooftop to collect medicine, remote mountain road can not go home, in a large stream side met two beautiful women, invited them to go home.The woman’s house was like a fairy mansion. They ate good things, drank good wine, and listened to good music. That night they went to a girl’s bed and became husband and wife.Ten days later two people request to go home, by two female hard keep half a year, after half a year they return to the countryside just know the countryside city already scattered, the earth has passed ten generations.Liu Chen later tried to return to Tiantai Mountain to look for fairies, but she could not find them.Song Qi read this story, and then think of Li Shangyin’s song “untitled · to be empty words to completely trace”, the heart of the myriad of thoughts, more envy of the Liu Lang.Although liu Chen could not see the fairy again, after all, he had been married to her for ten generations, and the maid he met was afraid that this life was only one side of the fate!At the thought of this, Song Qi could not restrain himself for a moment. Without thinking, he took pen and ink and wrote a song “Partridge Day” to express the block in his heart: painting a saddle and narrow road.A broken gut embroidery curtain.The body has no colourful feng wings, mind acts upon mind.The house is gold and the cage is jade.Cars like running water and horses like dragons.Liu Lang has hated pengshan far, more pengshan tens of thousands of heavy.”Song Qi finished writing, looked up outside the window, the sky has turned up the white, do not want to be a sleepless night, at this time sleepy thought hit, then in bed and clothes lie down to sleep in the past.Song Qi in a dream, dreamed that he really incarnated into Liu Chen, and that maidservant, then became a fairy in the tiantai mountain, they two people got married, love is tender, very happy!Song Qi is still thinking in his dream, such immortal days, he would rather die in the mountains.The next day early in the morning, Song Qi’s good friend Li Shu visit, home old servant led him to song Qi bedroom door, knocked on the door for half a day no one answered, Li Shu directly pushed the door into the.A door, Li Shu saw the first “partridge day”, although the meaning is wonderful, the whole word artistic conception integrated, but I do not know why Song Qi directly with Li Shangyin two verses, gold for the house, jade cage, and clearly in the story of the Emperor of Han Dynasty, seems to be related to the palace, a want to know that this is not simple.Li Shu woke Song Qi and asked him what the song “Partridge Day” was about.Song Qi also did not hide from him, will yesterday’s encounter all told him.Li Shu laughed and said that the poem and the story would go down in history.Sure enough, as soon as this poem came out in the literary circle, and then li Shu embellished it, it was immediately sung in the Capital and soon spread to the ears of zhao Zhen, the current emperor of The Song Renzong.He knew that Song Qi should have been the No.1 scholar and his older brother Song Xianghua should have been the tanhua. Because the queen mother felt that her younger brother could not be ranked ahead of her older brother, zhao Zhen ranked him tenth.Supposedly, the emperor to the number one lang marriage is a common thing, now that this Song Qi has a crush on a palace maid, Zhao Zhen heart has to put the palace maid to Song Qi plan.Zhao Zhen let Cao empress last time out of the palace tour view of the accompanying maids are concentrated up, ask them: “last time out of the palace, is a few cars who called a small song ah?”The ladies of the court did not dare to say anything.The Empress smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid. Whoever shouts, stand out. The Emperor will not punish her.”Listen to the queen so said, and then think of the emperor is now working overtime to the middle of the night tired hungry to eat a bowl of hot mutton soup can endure not to say the Lord, called song Qi “small song” that maid-in-waiting to stand up.Zhao Zhen a look, this palace maid appearance is really beautiful, no wonder Song Qi will be tempted, he had to pay attention to her.This maid-in-waiting name is called if Xi, is Zhao Zhen pet concubine zhang Beauty palace.Zhao Zhen asked her: “Why do you call that sound ‘xiao Song’?”Ruo Xi replied shyly, “The maidservant had heard of him and his brother being two top scorers, and admired his talent and learning.Back to the palace that day, accidentally heard the driving minister said: This is the little Song.I was in the car, and for a moment of curiosity, I lifted the curtain to look at him and called out.”Zhao Zhen laughed.After a few days, Zhao Zhen xuan Song Qi temple.Song Qi is only a minor official at this time, this has no dian face jun’s qualifications, a call to his palace, the heart is like fifteen buckets up and down, do not know what the emperor is looking for him.When they arrived at the palace, Song Qi finished his luggage.Zhao Zhen asked him with a smile, “I heard that Aiqing recently composed a song called Partridge Sky, which was widely sung in the capital.I have heard that you have something to do with people in your palace when you write this poem. Is that true?”Hearing this, Song Qi was so ashamed that he fell to his knees and dared not move. He tried to speak but could not open his mouth.Zhao Zhen waved his hand and said: “Flat!Stand up after kowtowing!Jujiu Cage, a jujiu cage in the river;A fair lady, a gentleman’s bride.A gentleman loves a lady, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.It seems that in those days, She had come to know what was necessary for her and for him.Have you been tossing and turning?”Song Qi could only reply, but still could not say a word.Zhao Zhen continued to laugh at him and said, “What Li Shangyin said is that Liu Lang has hated pengshan far, but also separated pengshan ten thousand weight.You pour good, came sentence: more separate peng shan tens of thousands of heavy!Peng Shan, actually is not far!I call you today, just want to ask you: do you want to go to Peng Shan ah?”Song Qi raised his head, looking at the son of Heaven, zhao Zhen, a little confused, do not know how to answer.Zhao Zhen saw him so, simply said: “I am asking you, you tell the truth, still want to see that let you ‘a broken heart’ of the woman side?”Song Qi understood this time and answered, “I am willing. Please help me!”Then bow your head and say goodbye.Zhao Zhen laughed and clapped again and again.Ruoxi walked out from behind the screen.Zhao Zhen say: “love qing, flat body!Let’s see if she was the one who called you Xiao Song.”Song Qi and if xi’s eyes met again, Song Qi once again feel his heart was burned, if Xi was shy to lower his head.Song Qi turned to Zhao Zhen and bowed to answer: “Hui your Majesty, it is this woman.”Zhao Zhen said: “since you two people agree with each other, I will give you If Xi Song Qi as wife, I hope you two respect each other, grow old together.”Song Qi and Ruo Xi knelt down, overjoyed, and thanked the Emperor.Song Qi a handed down the best song, got a day for marriage, make people envy, after handed down a story.As for the two people married life is happy, it is insufficient for external humanity.Figure: from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete