High school students after the New Year’s advice

2022-05-07 0 By

The hurried New Year’s holiday is almost over.The senior year will start earlier, and the senior year will start soon.After this time the most headache is that many students can not play spirit, heart or in the holiday relaxation can not be put into learning.The so-called plan for a rainy day, everything should be early planning, early planning, so that we can timely deal with a lot of things.The longer the holiday, the more students have to adjust their state in advance.First of all, the time of work and rest should be adjusted as soon as possible, especially in the winter vacation of the Chinese New Year, many students develop the bad habit of sleeping late and getting up late, and immediately after school will enter the regular schedule, if not adjusted in time, some students may be late or listless in class.So make it a point to go to bed and read a little before 10 and fall asleep.Secondly, step by step, with preview as the entry point gradually into the learning state.Some students think that they will warm up their study before starting school.This is wrong.Some students don’t know how to recover slowly.In fact, students can be the next semester to learn the content of the preview, do some simple questions gradually into the state of learning.You can also review what you learned last semester to learn something new.Finally, we should gradually put down our mobile phones. Some students frequently use their mobile phones during the Spring Festival and also become dependent on them. At this time, they need to put down their mobile phones and pick up books and return to school.There’s always a bad patch at the end of the holiday.This requires that you take heart in advance and gradually shift your attention to study.This period of time before the school must be quick to recover, and exercise is actually the best way to recover.Every morning, you can jog for half an hour in a safe outdoor area or the exercise area of the community, do some simple exercises, and you will feel mentally good after a few days.Don’t stay at home all day playing with your phone and sleeping.Such words will feel listless after school, sleepy all day.The amount of knowledge in high school is very large and requires continuous efforts.After the Chinese New Year holiday, there will always be a period of state recovery that affects learning. At this time, it is necessary to recover in advance.From work and rest habits to learning mentality, after scientific adjustment before school can quickly enter the state of learning.To do a good job, he must sharpen his tools.Get ready before school starts, and put your best foot forward.