Chinese snooker stars to advance to the final!Ding junhui edged carter 3-2 to win the world no. 6 title

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On February 3, 2022, the Snooker Championship entered the white heat stage, the seventh group four out of the round robin, the end of the six round robin, Captain Carter 5-1, Higgins 5-1, Karen.Wilson 4-2, Ding 3-3, the four advanced to the semi-finals for the winners’ group, O ‘Sullivan 2-4, Richie.Walton and Martin Gould, both 1-5, were eliminated.According to the rules of champions League, the first captain Carter against the fourth ding Junhui, the second Higgins against the third Karen.Wilson, Ding junhui and Carter played each other in the round robin, when Ding won the match 3-1, 16 times in his career, ding won 12-4, from group 6 to group 7, ding won all of them, and was more favored by fans.Semi-final three out of five sets, and the first inning carter pole 35 attack interrupt, ding junhui missed opportunities, only 23 points appear error, carter started again hit 65 the lead, the second inning, ding junhui complete qing, shot to 127 also with color, the third ding junhui played 63 into defense, mesa and 59 minutes,Ding followed with a 69-1 win.Ding had 35 points in the fourth attack interrupt, many times to fit in a 69-35 equaliser, carter decider carter defense does not reach the designated position the ball directly, ding junhui hits 70, attempt to hit 147, results in basketball attack interrupt, five innings bitter experience, ultimately 3-2 win the finals team, carter against higgins that title,Higgins won 3-2 in the round robin stage.Ding Junhui’s condition has picked up somewhat. Although the success rate of the long course is still not high, his stability has been enhanced and he has completed single-stroke victories for many times, which is really much better than his previous performance. I hope he will continue to work hard and strive for good results in the following matches.At the same time, Higgins eliminated Karen 3-1.Wilson, Karen in the first round.Wilson carded a 68 to take a 73-24 lead before Higgins pieced together a 63-13 equaliser to Karen In the third frame.Wilson slips, Higgins hits 62 and wins 68-24. Higgins finishes with 77 in the fourth frame, Karen.Wilson is out.Finally ding junhui again against the world sixth Higgins, for the group champion, the winner to join the last group, zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao, Liang Wenbo, Bingham, Scott.Donaldson, Graeme.Dort continues to play, with three Chinese players in seven spots, making new history in itself. Now it’s up to Ding Junhui to catch the last bus and end his 12-game losing streak against the top 16 players.