Be honest!Huang Shengyi exposes variety shady scene, has the script to rely on the performance, net friend: the husband supports the firm spirit

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Nowadays, in the era of the Internet, with the development of the Internet, TV variety shows and network interview programs are constantly emerging like a fountain, with fierce competition. Each variety show interview maintains its own popularity in order to attract viewers in its own festival.The program production method is also frequently used, such as script making, program conflict making and malicious editing. Although these means have been used, every time after watching the program, the audience will be led into the forced belief.In order to maximize their own interests, the program group constantly brings new viewing points to the audience friends so as to ensure that their programs can get more traffic and attention on weibo hot search.Recently, said to take part in a talk show on the Eva huang variety show is the hidden rules and the script, can only say that Eva huang too dare say Eva huang has a see through jianghu is the wisdom of, said she was “river lake”, and not, when it comes to the individual character of Eva huang, a lot of people think she boundary-breaking, even arrogant, Eva huang self may be a wise,She also grew up step by step to have today’s maturity, but the personality of the edge has not been extinguished.She is also the wife of Yang Zi. Netizens know that Huang shengyi is a real rich and powerful woman with the support of her domineering husband. She does not worry about being invited to participate in some activities and variety shows without the resources.Huang shengyi with a talent show “Braving the Wind and waves sister”, Huang Shengyi successfully turned famous, popularity and heat have been greatly improved.In the popular talk show “Very Quiet Distance”, she is not afraid to expose the unspoken rules of variety shows. Besides her, there is no other star in the entertainment industry.During the interview, host Li Jing asked Huang Shengyi what he was busy with recently. Huang Shengyi said that he played some variety shows. In general, variety shows we all use the words “participate” or “on variety shows”, while Huang Shengyi used the word “play”, which attracted the attention of host Li Jing.In the face of Li Jing’s doubts, Huang Shengyi was too bold to say.Huang shengyi said he was not familiar with variety shows at the beginning, but after more variety shows, he understood the industry rules of variety shows, so he changed from “performing variety shows” to “performing variety shows”.In a word, in variety shows, both the plot and the artist’s performance are packaged, and the authenticity is not high. Therefore, people should not be too emotional when watching variety shows. In the end, the overturned car accident will hurt the audience friends who are sincere and sincere.