Yaozhou District held a groundbreaking ceremony for key projects in the first quarter of 2022

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Blowing the project “charge”, fighting for the “good start” of the New Year.On February 8, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in yaozhou District of Tongchuan city for the key projects in the first quarter of 2022 and the standardized workshop phase III project of the private economic Industrial Park. The 16 key projects in Yaozhou district were started, with a total planned investment of 2.05 billion yuan.Yaozhou District party secretary Yang Hongwei announced the commencement order, deputy secretary of the district Party committee, acting district chief Gao Gang presided over.At the scene of the event, Feng Baohua, member of the Standing Committee of yaozhou District Committee and executive deputy District Chief, introduced the concentrated start of key projects in Yaozhou District in the first quarter, and Guo Yihui, deputy district chief, introduced the third phase of the private economic industrial park.Dong Jiahe town party secretary Zhang Fan made a statement.Yang Hongwei, Secretary of Yaozhou District Committee, announced the commencement order: “I announce the commencement of key projects in Yaozhou District of Tongchuan city in the first quarter of 2022.”Afterwards, the leaders attended the meeting watched the project board together, and the person in charge of each responsible unit introduced the start of the project.It is reported that Yaozhou District arranged a total of 100 key projects throughout the year, with a total investment of 50.2 billion yuan and an annual investment of 10.1 billion yuan.Among them, there are 42 manufacturing projects with a total investment of 22.6 billion yuan.62 new projects were launched, with a total investment of 25.8 billion yuan.Sixteen projects will be launched, with a total investment of 2.05 billion yuan, covering urban construction, agriculture, industry, social livelihood and other fields.The commencement of the project will further optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and expand the total economic volume, which will also inject more powerful power, provide more powerful support and accumulate more powerful energy for the high-quality development of Yaozhou.After the ceremony, the leaders attended the meeting observed tiance asphalt based carbon fiber industrialization project and Shouqi continuous fiber intelligent thermoplastic composite material project of private economic industrial Park.Later, the project construction site promotion meeting was held in Linglong Tire Project Promotion Office and Gao Gang presided over the meeting.Guo Yihui reported the progress and problems of the project and arranged the next work.Yaozhou district branch of natural resources, Dongjiahe town, Sun Yuan town made a statement respectively.Yang Hongwei pointed out that the project is the foundation of the district, the development of yaozhou is the fundamental support to achieve high-quality development.All levels and departments should firmly adhere to the concept of “project is king”, accelerate the implementation of projects, strengthen the concept of time, adhere to the management of the list, establish a sense of efficiency, focus on the target, firmly grasp, quickly set off a “big project, big project” upsurge.We should devote ourselves to service projects, optimize service teams, strengthen factor guarantee, and improve service efficiency. We should continue to implement the mechanism of leadership contracting, department contracting, specially-assigned personnel contracting and the whole process of key projects, and deliver services, coordinate and solve problems at the front line to ensure the smooth construction of projects.To fine accurate plan project, national policy, investment orientation and superior peg around the “high quality industrial hub, modern ecological kang city” development orientation, outstanding quality, outstanding repair chain chain scale and highlight green low carbon, vigorously carry out accurate investment, directional, China merchants bank thinking, introduce a batch of gold content, green content is high, the new content more good projects,Boost yaozhou high – quality economic and social development.Guo Xiping, secretary of the CPC Standing Committee of Yaozhou District people’s Congress, Yang Manshou, director of the CPC Standing Committee of Yaozhou District people’s Congress, Yang Mei, secretary of the CPC Standing Committee of Yaozhou District People’s Congress, Cheng Xiaoru, chairman of the CPC Standing Committee of Yaozhou District People’s Congress, Liu Xian, secretary of the CPC Committee of Shizhu Town, Ding Shuangyin, vice chairman of the CPC Standing Committee of Yaozhou District People’s Congress and Deputy commander of the Industrial Park Construction Headquarters attended the meeting.Yaozhou district directly related departments, the main responsible persons of some towns, project owners and construction units representatives attended.Author: Yao Zhou Rong Media