Wu Qihua, 57, dressed up as a mirror in Nine Tastes of the Sesame Official, but was ridiculed for overcooking the old rice?

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On the 17th, Wu Qihua, who had been low-key for a long time, was ridiculed on the Hong Kong media news.Originally, Wu Qihua in the video platform once again play “Nine Taste the Sesame officer” in the Fang Tang mirror, and said that “should be requested by fans, to give you a look at the palm.”In the video, he reproduced the palm stem of Fang Tang Mirror in “Nine Tastes of the Sesame Official”, which was very interesting.While many in the comments section were reminiscing about the funny moments from Nine Tastes of a Sesame Official, some netizens were also making fun of him, with the top user mocking him for “eating one role for life.”This is not the first time he has played the role of Fang Tang mirror on the video platform. He has done it several times before.However, this netizen’s ridicule was also used by some enthusiastic netizens to refute wu qihua’s other characters, but Hong Kong media did not see the refute, only the one with the highest praise and most ridicule.What these refuting netizens say is true, as TVB once very popular young students, Wu qihua’s representative work is more than a fang Tang jing.Wu qihua graduated from the 12th TVB artist training class in 1982. Her classmates include Tao Dayu, LAN Jieying, Wu Junru and Zeng Huaqian.In 1983, Wu signed a contract with TVB to play murong Bai, the no. 2 male character in the wuxia drama Paradise of The Demons.He also has an older brother, Wu Qi-ming, who also worked as an actor for TVB.His elder brother Wu Qiming is best remembered for playing ding Wang crab in Big Time, a glib character who exploits legal loopholes to pave the way for illegal businesses…Like his brother, Wu qihua’s early career in show business was not particularly smooth, playing roles that were either evil or unremarkable.Such as “rogue tycoon” in the uneducated man zhong Weishun.Emperor Yang Guang in the Grand Canal of The Sui and Tang Dynasties.Although he plays only supporting roles, his acting skills are impressive.This period, there are “nine products of the Sesame official white bao Qingtian” in the base of the square Tang mirror.Fang Tang mirror is smart, but only for money.In the early stage, he did a lot of torturing to Bao Longxing, played by Stephen Chow, but in the late stage, Bao Longxing also hated him speechless, and even was beaten up.In order to change his career, Wu qihua also starred in a number of romantic films, which made him famous.Because the acting is so good, for a long time, as long as I see Wu Qihua, no matter the role is good or bad, always let a person have a kind of gentle scum feeling.In 1996, he began to transition away from being a villain.Dramas such as “900 Crime” and “No. 1 Court” have helped him change the public’s impression.Cheng Zhimei in “A good Hand and a Good Heart” is undoubtedly one of Wu Qihua’s classic masterpieces.Ms. Cheng’s suave image has made Mr. Ng one of Hong Kong’s milk killers.As a reserved and gentle brain surgeon, Jackie, a charming emergency room doctor, ties his shoelaces when he gets drunk, which should have captivated many teenage girls.Estimate who also would not have thought, after many years, fang Tang mirror unexpectedly and smoke become the strongest CP.After Jackie’s death in the fire ended the romance, he and Tracy won’t be boring.But the scriptwrt. to the United States Ann a gram wife set, the heroine and he eventually have no good end together.The object of the third installment of the novel is a female medical examiner named Frances.The female medical examiner, Frances, also starred with Wu Qihua in “Heaven And Dragon Slaying”.That year Wu Qihua official xuan plays Zhang Wuji everybody also not how good, but he relied on plastic surgery type acting unexpectedly performed a little “juvenile feeling”, and Li Zi’s Zhao Min is very match, this also becomes his another representative work.The novel had a profound influence on Wu Qihua, whose gentle and elegant image of an angel in white was deeply rooted in people’s hearts.In recent years, he also guest starred as a doctor in a friend’s movie.Wu, who has played Chang Moji and Cheng Chi-mei three times, was already a first-tier talent at TVB, but he chose to leave.When he left TVB, his base salary was still 6,000 yuan a month.In 2012, Wu returned to TVB and starred in “On Call 36 Hours ⅱ” and “Fight Tomorrow”, both of which achieved excellent results.But the end of the poor “Pure Accident”, he is also a person to prop up ratings.Entering the short video platform, Wu often interacts with his fans.And he plays fang Tang mirror many times, can also see from the likes and messages.Because from the point of view of the number of likes, he played fang Tang mirror is obviously higher than the usual short video likes, the number of messages is also the most.Just because of the repeated play of fang Tang mirror, said Wu Qihua on a role to eat a lifetime of fang Tang mirror, or too one-sided.