Russian “figure skating princess” Trusova: 15 years old master’s degree, like Gu Ailing legend

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Step “crab” beam great goddess, she was born, nicknamed for Sasha (Sasha, her father, judo, wrestling athletes, mother was once a track and field athletes, all parents know the athletes’ hard, so early don’t want to daughter is engaged in the sports competition projects, can be as a hobby, but don’t want to think of it as a career.Parents prefer their daughter to sing and dance, so as to cultivate some relaxed and safe hobbies. However, the unrestrained and intrepidity of Russian women are fully displayed on their daughter. Trusova likes outdoor sports since she was young.Trutsova was born in Ryazan, a state located in the middle of the Eastern European plain, and her family was in ryazan, the capital of the state, which we call the provincial capital city. Trutsova’s family was still very well-off, and her parents were among the local high-income elite group.It is close to Europe. Besides, batu, grandson of Genghis Khan, invaded Russia first here. Later batu founded the Kipchak Khanate, also known as the Golden Horde, one of the four khanates of Mongolia.Trutsova’s mother retired from the army to take care of her children. Trutsova is the eldest of two younger brothers.When she was 4 years old, Trusova learned to skate. Whenever she had free time, she would go to the ice rink to skate. As time passed, she developed a strong interest in figure skating.Later, Trusova went to the ice rink every day, her training place is in the local Olympic Stadium, the training environment given by the family is still very good.This is very rare in China. After all, there are only a handful of cities with Olympic skating arenas, and people don’t need to follow the education methods of Olympic champions like Gu Ailing. This sport needs to be financially supported.Larisa Melkova, Trusova’s first coach, said: this child is different. She is already ahead of most of her peers. She is very sensitive to music.In 2014, Trutsova watched figure skating at the Olympics and was a fan of Yulia Lipnitskaya.That year Yulia won the gold medal in the figure skating team event at the Sochi Winter Olympics.In Sochi, yulia wore a red dress to the soundtrack of Schindler’s List, which won her gold MEDALS at the European Championships, the Olympic team and second place at the World Championships.From then on, achieving such high grades became her dream;Trusova joked that an Olympic champion might be entitled to a bit more sleep, reflecting the high expectations from his coaches and parents after he started his career.Trusova’s father Vyacheslav Trusov said he would do everything possible to help his daughter achieve her dream.A few months later, Sasa’s father moved the family to Moscow and bought a house near the Hrustani Ice Ring-the Sambo-70 sports and education center, where his daughter could join Sambo-70.Trutsova started competing in the Moscow Novice Championship in 2014 and finished second. In 2016, trutsova studied with Ettli Tuthelize.Atley was the gold medal coach in Moscow, and as we say, the gourd boy’s grandfather!Because medvejeva, Zagitova, Serbakova, Valiva, Usacieva, Trussova, Tarassova this 7 championship level athletes, are her students!In 2017, Medvedeva won the fourth place in the Russian Junior Championship. At that time, Medvedeva dominated the figure skating circle. These young girls had almost no chance to win, and their chance was to get over Medvedeva and wait for her to retire.In 2018 Trusova became the first female skater to successfully complete 4Ltz in an international competition, but Anna Shcherbakova did it twice in a domestic competition in Russia a few days ago.This makes figure skating appear the situation of Chinese table tennis, in the international competition to win the prize, it is easier than the domestic prize…At the 2019 World Championships in Russia, Trutsova did lose to teammate Anna Serbakova, winning the silver medal and becoming the second child.After the match, the Russian woman was strong again, Trusova said: will jump around to do more training.In the subsequent Japan Open, Canada International, Trusova swept all kinds of gold MEDALS, as long as there is no Russian player, Trusova is king.Russia had too many figure skaters to take out Karbo, and yet another Kostolnia came out of nowhere. At the Russian championships, Trussova dropped to third place and only took bronze.In 2020, Trusova reluctantly decided to part ways with coach Ettli Tutelizze, citing too much talent, too little attention from Ettli, and her general dissatisfaction with her training group and suspected gaps in her relationship with her teammates.Embarrassingly, after leaving the world Championships in 2021, Trusova made a mistake in the short program, missing both quadruple jumps. After feeling uncomfortable, Trusova decided to return to the original coaching team and went back to Atley.Trutsova said she was still used to her former coach, and sure enough, she won the us International Figure Skating Classic by completing four quadruple jumps.At the Russian National Championships 2021, Trusova again lost to K-Po and finished second.Trusova is two years older than Camila Valieva, and it is impossible to survive that age. If she wants to win the championship, there is only one possibility, and that is to either make a mistake or make a mistake. Trusova must have been frustrated, otherwise she would not have changed her coach in the middle of the race.At the age of 15, Trusova received the “department award” of the Russian Master of Sport at the international level. Even though she is the “second in a thousand years”, she is a legendary athlete in figure skating history.An avid pet lover, She has five dogs and even takes them with her when she flies around the world to compete, often including a husky and a miniature royal poodle.Trusova did not bring her pet to the Beijing Olympics.During her absence, some media thought she was betraying her teacher. Once in a competition, Trusova and Yuzuru Hanyu did a quadruple jump together, which was also reported by some Japanese media that they had a love affair…In fact, Trusova is a very simple girl, in her world, only pets and skating, who doesn’t like such a girl?This article by the art rabbit sports world original editor statement: pictures from the Internet