U.S. To Restrict Russia, Cut off Some Semiconductor Materials?Expert: China’s technology has matured

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The United States tried to impose restrictions on Russia’s tech industry, only to find itself short-changed.On February 13, local time, the US official issued an urgent notice, requiring chip manufacturers to prepare in advance, it is best to expand the supply of semiconductor materials, so as not to cut off the supply of semiconductor materials from Russia.Ukraine currently supplies more than 90 percent of neon used by the U.S. semiconductor industry, and 35 percent of palladium is sourced from Russia, foreign media reported.This means that if Russia were to push back against the US, the US palladium would be stuck in the neck.On Russia’s side, the United States intends to work with the European Union to halt cooperation with Russia, including the supply of electronic components and industrial components.As for Ukraine, the United States is still behind it, but given the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine, even if Ukraine were willing to supply the United States with semiconductor materials, it wouldn’t have much time to do so, possibly affecting the world’s neon supply.Ukraine supplies 70% of the world’s neon gas, an essential ingredient in the semiconductor industry’s exposure and etching processes, according to data.Semiconductor production will also be difficult if neon materials are in short supply.Neon and other materials are often referred to as the “food” and “source” of semiconductor materials, and are used in everything from chip production to device packaging.Although they are inexpensive, accounting for only about 5% of the total cost of IC materials, their presence can determine the performance of semiconductor devices, so chip makers dare not take their supply lightly.In addition, because neon, krypton, xenon and other gases are very important, but the use scale is not too high, coupled with the relevant purification technology threshold is high, the general countries are able to buy from the outside to buy, too lazy to produce their own.As a whole, the global supply chain pattern of neon, krypton and xenon is basically dominated by Russia and Ukraine.So, here’s the problem.Will China’s chip makers be affected by the current warning signals about supplies of these materials from Russia and Ukraine?The answer seems to be no.Ren Lu, a well-known expert, said that with the progress of China’s steel production process, China has long mastered the purification technology of neon, krypton, xenon and other gases. Even if there is a problem in Ukraine, China can also organize emergency production to ensure domestic demand.The real worry is the US, South Korea, Japan, etc.Japan has limited production capacity in related semiconductor materials, which it buys mostly from Chinese and Ukrainian suppliers.South Korea imported more than 1.12 million cubic meters of neon last year, compared with China’s 4,783 cubic meters.A few days ago, South Korean officials said that if the United States does, it will reduce the supply of related gas from Russia.Article | Liao Li thought questions | huang zi gallium umpire | Liao Li thought