This year, our province will add nearly 100,000 indemnification rental housing units

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This year, the province will implement targeted housing security and promote urban “rundown” and “old” renovation. It is expected to increase 98,500 affordable rental housing units (units), raise 1,434 public rental housing units, and grant rental subsidies to 25,000 households.Construction began on 96,800 housing units in rundown areas and 159,100 housing units were basically completed.We carried out the renovation of 1,431 old residential areas by upgrading their standards and expanding their coverage, and encouraged them to install elevators in old residential areas in light of local conditions.In the past year, the province’s housing and construction system has adhered to high-quality development, and urban renewal has been carried out in an orderly manner. 81,000 new urban public parking Spaces have been added, the daily sewage treatment capacity is 445,000 tons, and 1,003 kilometers of sewage pipe network has been upgraded.China took the lead in carrying out comprehensive physical examination in cities divided into districts in China, and produced physical examination reports in “1+16” cities.The construction industry jumped one trillion yuan to 1.058.4 trillion yuan, up 13% year on year, ranking the seventh in China and the first in the Yangtze River Delta.Housing support was further strengthened. Construction began on 156,000 housing units in rundown urban areas and 136,000 were basically completed. 1,341 old residential areas were renovated, benefiting 280,000 households.We consolidated and expanded poverty alleviation efforts in conjunction with rural revitalization, and renovated 7,062 dilapidated rural houses.Provincial housing and urban-rural development department responsible comrade said that this year will accelerate the construction of housing rental and purchase of the new system, urban renewal and transformation of the new way, the city efficient governance of the new path, the construction industry market competition new advantages, urban and rural construction transformation and development of the new pattern of eight aspects, to promote the high-quality development of urban and rural housing construction.Specifically, we will promote the construction of urban infrastructure, invest more than 120 billion yuan in the construction of municipal public facilities, organize the implementation of aging and upgrading of gas and other urban pipelines, upgrade drainage pipes for more than 1,000 kilometers, add 600 kilometers of urban greenways, and add 50,000 urban public parking Spaces.(Reporter He Ke) source: Anhui published editor: Cheng Kai Practice editor: Yan Ran Sun Hao proofreading: Yuan Yuzhu review: Zhu Suxian Cheng Kai