Snowboarding revealed!Su Yiming how hard it is to rotate 1980 degrees in the air

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Snowboarding is the youngest competitive skiing event at the Winter Olympics.That’s because, for one thing, snowboarding only entered the Nagano Olympics in 1998;Snowboarding, on the other hand, is mainly played by young people, and its main audience is also young people.For this young project, many knowledge points are relatively unfamiliar.For example: Did you know that snowboarding originated in the sea?Do you know how hard Su yiming’s 1980 degree twist was?Do you know who legendary skater Shaun White, known as the Flying Tomato, is up against?Let’s take a look.Modern snowboarding originated in the United States in the mid-1960s, when Sherman Popan tried to trick his children by tying two skis together so that both feet were on a single board. The new “toy” proved so successful that snowboarding became known as “winter surfing.”In fact, all board sports, including skateboarding, have their roots in surfing, and snowboarding was originally about “surfing” on snow.Since its birth, modern snowboarding has been in the “cool” gene. Its technology, style and purpose are completely different from traditional snowboarding. It is not from production and life, but from entertainment and challenge.Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming becomes the first snowboarder in the world to successfully complete the 1980 inside twist (five-and-a-half twists) grip during a training session in Stubar Park, Austria, on Oct 28, 2021.On January 22, Guinness World Records announced that Su had broken the world record with the stunt.But do you know how hard it is to do a 1980 degree twist?Some people believe that horizontal rotation is more difficult than off-axis rotation;Others believe that the more winding, the harder it is.Professionals say that after jumping athletes complete the height number of air rotation, but also through the body’s balance, coordination, inertia, perfect landing through the height number of rotation, every half turn, is a very big load and challenge to the body.For example, just try the vertigo level of five and a half fast turns on flat ground to see what it means to spin in the air and land perfectly.Source: Xinhua